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Uncor m’estuet que vos devis

des columps, qui sunt blans et bis:

li un ont color aienne,

et li autre I’ont stephanine;

li un sont neir, li autre rous,

li un vermel, I’autre cendrous,

et des columps i a plusors

qui ont trestotes les colors.
What, then, will an Orange Dove be?
To conclude, assuming that Roberto knew something about it, I find in the Talmud that the powerful chiefs of Edom, Israel’s enemies, decreed that they would tear out the brain of any man wearing phylacteries. Now Elisha put them on and walked out in the street. A guardian of the law saw him and pursued him when he fled. When Elisha was over­taken, he took off the phylacteries and hid them in his hands.

The enemy said to him: “What do you have in your hands?” And he replied: “The wings of a dove.” The other man forced open his hands. And there were the wings of a dove.

I am not sure what this story means, but I find it very beautiful. And so must Roberto have found it.
Amabilis columba,

unde, unde odes volando?

Quid est rei, quod ahum

coelum cito secando

tam copia benigna

spires liquentem odornn?

Tam copia benigna

unguenta grata stilles?
What I mean to say is this: the dove is an important sign, and we can understand why a man lost in the Antipodes might decide he had to train his eyes carefully to understand its meaning.

The Island beyond reach, Lilia lost, his every hope beaten, why should the invisible Orange Dove not be transformed into the golden medulla, the philosopher’s stone, the end of ends, volatile like everything passionately wanted? To aspire to some­thing you will never have: is this not the acme of the most generous of desires?

It seems so clear to me (Luce lucidwr) that I have decided to proceed no further with my Explication of the Dove. Now back to our story.

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