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Jl. PB. Sudirman NO. 5 Situbondo, 68312


KELAS : VII (TUJUH) WAKTU : 07.00 -08.30

  1. Rosi : Good morning, Dian?

Dian : Good morning, Rosi. How’ve you been?

Rosi : ....

  1. I’m glad to see you c. Sorry, I have to go now

  2. Pretty good, thanks d. How do you do

2. Teacher : Good morning, students.

Students : Good morning, Sir.

Teacher : ... a new student, Intan.

Intan : Pleased to meet you all.

Students : pleased to meet you , too.

  1. I’d like to introduce c. I don’t think she is

  2. It’s very nice to meet d. I’m happy to meet

3. Andi : Do you know Priska?

Doni : No, I don’t.

Andi : Priska, This is Doni.

Doni : Hello, Priska, ....

Priska : Hi. Nice to meet you, too

a. How do you do c. How are you?

b. See you tomorrow d. Nice to meet you
4, Look! The girl is sitting … a tree.http://prettyfhe.files.wordpress.com/2008/09/a_girl_sitting_under_a_tree_reading_a_book_royalty_free_080821-264236-020018-copy1.gif

a. under

b. above

c. on

d. between
5. Joshua : Hello, I’m Joshua.

Alex : Oh. Hi. I am Alex. How are you doing?

Joshua : ....

  1. Pleased to meet you c. I am very happy

  2. I’m fine, thank you. d. OK, see you again

6. Anne … beautiful. I like her.

a. are b. am c. is d. was

7. These students … very naughty.

a. was b. is c. am d. are

8. Mr. and Mrs. Adam have four …

a. child b. children c. childs d. kid

9. There are three ………..in the room

a. boxen b. boxes c. box d. boxs

10. Bob : Where is your English book?

Jane : There. I put it … my bag. I will take it out now.

a. in b. on c. above d. in front of

11. Teacher : Who can answer the question?

Bondan : What is your question, Sir?

Teacher : ...., I’ll read the question once more.

Students : Yes, Sir.

a. Write your name b. Open your book c. Listen carefully d. Look at me

12. John is sitting … Mona

a. above http://comps.fotosearch.com/comp/unw/unw830/asian-girl-boy_~u13546828.jpg
b. under
c. on
d. next to

  1. We can see this sign in…

    1. Road 600px-no_right_turn_sign

    2. canteen

    3. restaurant

    4. lavatory

  1. If we see this sign, we should not …

a. stop no smoking

b. park

c smoke

d. cross

  1. Today is March the third. Which one is the correct date?

a. March 13th, 2010 b. March 3rd, 2010 c. March 30th, 2010 d. March 31st, 2010


  1. What time is it now?

    1. Five minutes to twelve

    2. Five minutes past eleven

    3. Five minutes to eleven

    4. Five minutes past twelve

  1. If today is Wednesday, what day is it tomorrow?

a. Thursday b. Tuesday c. Monday d. Friday

  1. What is the month before September?

a. July b. November c. October d. August
18. Agnes : Oh, It’s a beautiful flower ! May I go to the garden, please?

Nikita : Certainly, but ...! You mustn’t pick up any flowers or you’ll be fined.

a. look out b. watch them c. Find out d. be careful

19. Raka : Where are you going, Ilham?

Ilham : I’m going to swim.

Raka : Please, don’t do that!

Ilham : Why do you prohibit me?

Raka : Look! There is notice about “no swimming”

Ilham : What does it mean?

Raka : According to the sign above, we ... swim there.

  1. must b. can c. mustn’t d. May


Security : Sorry Son, ... here!

Faris : Why not?

Security : It is dangerous for animal.

Faris : Oh, OK. No problem.

Security : Thank you, son

  1. Do’t take a photograph of animal c. Don’t give the food to the animal

  2. Don’t look at the animal d. Don’t eat the food

Read the text and answer the questions 20 to 22.

Dear Firman,

On this special occasion, I would like to say

Happy 13th birthday to you.

Wish you the best and may your wishes Come true

Your beloved friend,


21. Who sends the card?...does.

a. Firman b. Siska’s friend c. Firman’s friend d. Siska

22. What does the text tell you about? It tells about ….

a. To To congratulate Firman’s birthday c. express a gratitude to Firman

b. To congratulate Siska’s birthday d. To show a symphaty to Firman
Read the text and answer the questions 23 to 25.

Dear Miranda,

Congratulation on your success as the first winner in the English Speech Contest.

You really deserved to get it.



23. Why does Santi send the card? Because ….

a. She wants to inform Miranda about her success

b. She wants to express her happiness

c. She wants to congratulate Miranda’s success

d. She wants to join in the English speech contest

24. “ You really deserved to get it

The word “it” refers to ....

  1. Congratulation c. English speech contest

  2. Winning the contest d. The great prize

25. “Congratulation on your success as the first winner in the English Speech Contest”

“the first winner” has the same meaning with ....

  1. champion b. runner-up c. successor d. Supporter

26. Jacky : Is this the number 081234576656?

Someone: No, It isn’t. It’s 081234576665.

Jacky : ....

Someone: No problem.

  1. Oh, very nice of you, thanks. c. Oh, sorry to trouble you

  2. Thank you for your help d. It was my pleasure

27. Anggun : Excuse me, Miss.

Librarian : Yes.

Anggun : Where can I find billingual books?

Librarian : Billingual books? Let me see, Um ... they are on the shelf on the corner.

Anggun : ....

Librarian : Don’t mention it.

  1. Don’t worry about it c. Here you are

  2. Oh, That’s all right d. Thank you very much

28. These are my new shoes to wear at the party next Friday. Do you like ....?

a. them b. it c. They d. Its

29. My brother and I have a new computer. ... bought it last month.

a. Us b. We c. He d. Me
30. Dandy : What do we call a tool for sweeping the floor in a class, Neny?

Neny : I think it is ....

Dandy : Yes, you are right.

  1. a broom b. a sharpener c. a duster d. A dustbin

(for number 31-34)



Name : Toko Takashimura

Place/Date of birth : Tokyo/31-07-1990

Address : West Street 2, New York

Phone Number : 21985611

New York, July 15th, 2010

The Principal,


Thomas Burket

  1. The picture above is a/an …

    1. ID card

    2. invitation card

    3. greeting card

    4. credit card

  2. What is Andrew Wilkinson? He is ……..

    1. A teacher

    2. A principal

    3. A student

    4. A worker

  3. Where does Andrew live? He lives in …

    1. St. Clara

    2. Tokyo

    3. New York

    4. High school

  4. When was Toko born? He was born o…

    1. July 1st

    2. July 31st

    3. July 7th

    4. July 9th

35. Mr. Harris :....?

Mr. Andi : Certainly, Sir. You can walk about 100 metres from here and turn right , the post office is next to the bank.

Mr. Haris : Thank you very much

Mr. Andi : You’re welcome

  1. Excuse me, can you tell me the way to the post office

  2. Show me the way to the post office

  3. Do you know where the post office is

  4. May I know the way to the post office

36. Vivin : What do we need to announce or inform some information related to the students’ activities in a class?

Rinda : I guess it is a ....

  1. blackboard b. map c. notice board d. file document

For questions number 37 -39
Hi, friends! This is my friend Miranda. She comes from Sulawesi. She was born in Makasar on June 12, 1980. Her hobbies are singing and swimming. She also likes planting flowers very much. She lives at 12 Jalan Jaya. She lives together with her parents and two sisters. They are Mr. and Mrs. Yudhatama, Sherina and Tiara.

Miranda studies at SMP 7. Her older sister is in the first year of SMA, and Tiara is still in SD. They all love one another.

  1. What are Miranda's hobbies?

    1. Singing, swimming and planting flowers

    2. Swimming and singing.

    3. Swimming and planting flowers.

    4. Singing and planting flowers with her friends.

  2. Who is the second child of the family?

    1. Yudhatama b. Sherina c. Miranda d. Tiara

  3. "They all love one another."

The word "They" in the sentence refers to ... and her parents.

    1. Miranda's sisters c. Miranda's father

    2. Miranda's parents d. Miranda and her sisters

40. has - the - She - new - at - a lot of - school - friends

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

The correct sentence is ….

a. 3 1 6 8 5 2 4 7

b. 3 1 6 8 5 7 2 4

c. 3 1 6 8 5 2 7 4

d. 3 1 6 8 5 4 2 7

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