Ukraine location

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Ukraine - the greatest by the area country of Europe . From the north on the south of Ukraine it reaches 893 kilometres, from the west on the east - 1316 kilometres, a total area of 603,7 thousand sq. km

Ukraine location

The nature of Ukraine is very various: woods and bogs, the wide rivers and the big lakes, steppes and fields, the seas and mountains. The largest rivers of Ukraine – Dnipro, Dnіster, Danube.

Dnister river Winter on Dnipro river

Karpat Mountains Crimea Mountains
In Ukraine located the longest caves in Europe

Мramorna Cave Wood lake in the evening

The history has left after itself many beautiful ruins, locks, palaces, churches

Donets River Castle in Kamyanets

In Ukraine lives 48 million 457 thousand people.  78 % of the population are Ukrainians. Capital of Ukraine – Kyiv, the largest cities of Lviv, Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv.

Lviv Kyiv

Ukrainian history begins in 4000 BC. 

Then came Tripolskaya culture. Later in the territory of Ukraine there was a state of Iranian speaking nomads - Cimmerians,Scythians, Sarmatians.

From this period in the Ukrainian language left a lot of borrowed Iranian words.

Starting with the 7 th century the territory of Ukraine appeared Slavic tribes. In the 9-13age Ukrainian state Kievan Rus was one of the strongest in Eastern Europe.

Then Ukraine fell under the rule of neighboring countries, but in the mid 17 th century as a result of the Cossack uprising gained independence. Cossacks - a people who fled to the "free" land on the islands of the Dnieper and organized a military state. Cossacks considered the best soldiers in Europe.

Monument Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky in Kiev

In 1654, Ukraine signed a military-political union with Russia. But Russia has deceived and conquered the land of the Cossacks of Ukraine. Therefore, for 3 centuries, Ukraine was divided between other countries. In 1918 in eastern Ukraine, which was part of Russia, was created an independent state - the Ukrainian People's Republic. In the West, was established Western Ukrainian People's Republic.

 In 1919 they merged into one state.

The neighbors started a war against the new state and as a result of Ukraine was divided between the Czech , Poland, the Soviet Union and Romania
In 1932-33, the USSR has committed genocide against Ukrainian people, with the help of an artificially created famine killed 8 million Ukrainians (Holodomor).
Ukrainians have always fought for their independence. During the Second World War was created the Ukrainian Insurgent Army - who fought against Hitler, Stalin and other occupiers, leading the guerrilla war in the forests and mountains of western Ukraine for 10 years, from 1943 to 1953.
UPA soldiers

As a result of the Second World War, most of the historic Ukrainian lands were a part of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic (puppet state in the USSR).

In 1986, as a result of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power station, 0.01% of Ukrainian territory has become unfit for life due to radiation.
24 August 1991 in consequence of the collapse of the Soviet Union, Ukraine became an independent state.

Coat of arms and flag of Ukraine

Ukrainians belong to the Eastern Slavs, the majority of the population speaks Ukrainian.  In addition to Ukraine, Ukrainians living in Russia, Canada, USA, Romania, Poland and other countries


Ukrainian traditional house

Most of Ukraine's population - Christians, but the Ukrainian state guarantees equal rights for all religions. So, for example, has for 500 years, in southern Ukraine, on the Crimean Peninsula, Crimean Tatars live (the Muslims by religion)

 In 1944, the Russian dictator Stalin deported them to Central Asia and Siberia, but independent Ukraine has helped them return to their homeland in Crimea.

Ukraine has a developed industry and science,  fertile land and large reserves of minerals.Ukraine is one of the largest producers of steel,  manganese, wheat, sunflower oil,  eggsin the world. In Ukraine, the largest nuclear power station in Europe - Zaporіzhska. 

In addition there is a cascade of hydropower plants on Dnipro and three other nuclear plants
Nuclear power plant Salt mine in Soledar
In Dnepropetrovsk produce rockets for launch into space Zenit. In Kharkov producemodern tanks T80, T84

HPP in Zaporizhia “Sea Lunch” Rocket

Antonov plant (AN) makes modern aircraft (AN-124, AN-148, AN-140).  Beginning in 2008 in Isfahan plant HESA produces  licensed passenger aircraft An-140 (IrAn - 140)

AN225 “Mriya“ (Dream) - the largest cargo aircraft in the world
In 2012 Ukraine will host the European football championship. Ukrainian teams DynamoKiev and Shakhtar Donetsk won the European soccer cups in 1975, 1986 and 2009

Stadium in Donetsk  Ukrainian trolley

Among the famous Ukrainians - owners of the "Golden Ball" Andriy Shevchenko and Oleg Blokhin, boxers Klitschko brothers, pole vaulter Serge Bubka,  founder of thescience of cybernetics Glushkov,  spacecraft designer Korolev

Klitschko brothers  Andriy Shevchenko

National heroes of Ukraine are the princes of Kievan Rus, Vladimir the Great and Yaroslav the Wise, the Cossack leader Bogdan Khmelnitsky and Ivan Mazepa, poets Taras Shevchenko and Ivan Franko, the guerrillas Stepan

Bandera and Roman Shukhevych

Stepan Bandera Taras Shevchenko Yaroslav the Wise

Difficult times of occupation have left their traces and, therefore, now in Ukraine is not sogood as we would like. Many people are unemployed and are forced to work abroad, wages are not so high, but prices are not low. But the Ukrainian people to be optimisticabout the future, building their country on their own land.

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