Участник Ноянова Маргарита Возраст 13 лет

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Участник - Ноянова Маргарита

Возраст – 13 лет

Место учебы - ГОУ СОШ №1208 7»б»

Г. Москва ЮВАО Кузьминки

Преподаватель - Филиппова Елена Вольдемаровна

Тел. (495) 3791814


Book - “Daisy Miller”

Author - Henry James

Macmillan Readers – Pre-intermediate

Henry James

Daisy Miller”

I had chosen this book because it is very important to read about good manners. It’s an evident fact-good manners-the correct way that people behaved and spoke-were very important.

This story starts in 1875. Daisy Miller, a young American girl, does not understand why her behavior makes people angry and upset .She doesn’t realize that she is behaving incorrectly and her mother doesn’t help her. The author shows the difference between the members of polite society and people who have only recently become rich. In this novel, the author shows how a pretty young American breaks the rules of society. Daisy flirts with the men that she meets and she often spends time alone with them. She does not know why this is wrong. The Millers have a lot of money, and they have not been educated in a formal, European way. The rich, older people in the story are shocked by Daisy’s behavior and they turn away from the Millers.

One of the book’s great strengths is characterization: heroes and heroines may seem larger than life but they are also so deeply human.”Daisy Miller” is about a specialist study of literature. However, it is never boring. Although the book is rather long, the reader finds it gripping from the first to the last page.

To my mind it’s a book that has influenced my life. For example I had read some facts about good manners: Well-educated people with good manners spoke quietly and intelligently. They thought about other peoples’ feeling and they made sure that they didn’t upset them. In polite society, women didn’t travel alone, or visit places alone. A woman must not be alone with a man who wasn’t her relative. Young women had to be introduced to young men whom they didn’t know. These were the rules of correct behavior in polite society.

The book didn’t justify my waiting. But we have there also strengths. It is worth reading for rude people, such as Mary in the «Secret Garden«.

This book can be recommended to people who want good fun. All in all, the book is a real masterpiece.

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