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Stage 2 – Assessment Evidence

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Stage 2 – Assessment Evidence

Performance Task/End-of-Unit Assessment

Argumentative Essay 1 – 750 words

Respond to the following prompts:


Beowulf is an epic hero because he possesses traits that regular humans do not. Using evidence from the epic, show how Beowulf exemplifies any six characteristics of the epic hero. Give specific examples from the three battle scenes: the battle with Grendel, the battle with Grendel’s mother, and the battle with the dragon.

Other Evidence:

  • Pre-Test


FL Figurative Language and Rhetorical Devices

Character Traits

Patterns: Words, Symbols, Themes/Motifs

Personal Reactions and Connections to Text

Inferences and Explanations of Text

Human Condition (EQ Essential Question)

  • Reader Response Journal Entries

• 3/4 page

• follow ELA prompts (Dr. Seldon’s version)

• follow ELA rubric (Dr. Seldon version)

  • Combined Annotation and Reader Response Assessment

  • Daily Vocabulary Assessments: Vocabulary tracker/journal with definitions, sentences, graphic of own words and/or vocabulary words for unit (new word from dictionary, conversations, media etc. words may be completely new to students or heard before but not sure of).

  • Friday Assessment: Power paragraphs (to include as many words from journal within one concise, compact paragraph).

Stage 3 – Learning Plan

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