U. S. War strategy; Stalin’s appeal to Churchill; Battle for Stalingrad

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Navajo Code; Bataan Death March; Doolittle Raid; Battle of Midway;
U.S. War strategy; Stalin’s appeal to Churchill; Battle for Stalingrad;
The “Great arsenal of Democracy”; The War Production Board; American business from civilian production to military production; Government military contracts; the war and American industry; the manhattan Project; executive Order 8802; the bracero program;
Rosie the Riveter; Women and the Second World war; Federally funded childcare centers; national war Labor Board; War labor Disputes Act of June 1943;
Weaponry and the assembly-line; Liberty ships; saving fat from cooking; Children and the war; Office of price Administration; sugar rationing; Office of War Information;
“Plasma premiers”; death camps; WW II and personal income; the national debt;

Wartime revenue acts; zoot suits; marriage rate and birth rate; women in the workforce;

Alien Registration Act; Japanese Americans during the war; the “Double V”; the military and race; the Red Cross; race integration; Bermuda and the Jews; relationships of the Allies; the Teheran Conference; D-Day; Dumbarton Oaks conference of 1944; Yalta
The “Potsdam Conference”; atomic decisions

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