U. S. Term Limits v. Thornton 109-118 Gibbons v. Ogden Knight case

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Constitutional Law: Spring 2016



The text for Constitutional law is Sulllivan and Feldman, Constitutional Law, 18th edition, 2013, Foundation Press.

Week of Jan. 18

(note the Monday class is rescheduled for Friday). The assignments for the first week of classes is to read the constitution, particularly the original text, in the casebook at lxv, as well as Marbury v. Madison, pp 1 - 9.

Pay particular attention when reading Marbury to the procedural context of the case, and carefully read fn. 1 on page 5.
Week of Jan 25

For the second week of classes: the first exercise I expect in class is after defining the holding of Marbury v. Madison, then we will examine the presidential statements on pages 24 – 27. Do any conflict with the actual holding of Marbury?

For the week, pp. 10-33

Martin v. Hunters Lessee, esp. read footnote 1, p. 17 carefully Cohens v. Virginia Cooper v. Aaron Dickerson Ex parte McCardle and Court Stripping
Week of February 1

Class One Class Two

Exceptions Clause & Advisory Standing Continued

Opinions, Standing 45-71

34-45 Allen v. Wright

Ex Parte McCardle (Yerger) Frothingham v. Mellon

Rescue Army, Lujan v. Defenders Vt. Agency of Nat. Resources. v. U.S.

Of Wildlife, Mass. v. EPA Raines v. Baird

Mootness, Ripeness

Ashwander Rules

Political Questions

Baker v. Carr

Powell v. McCormack


Nixon v. U.S.

Bush v. Gore

Zivotofsky v. Clinton
Week of February 8

Federal Power Nec. & Prop.

73-96 96-107 U.S. v. Comstock

McColloch v. Maryland Commerce Clause

U.S. Term Limits v. Thornton 109-118

Gibbons v. Ogden Knight case

Shreveport rate case

Swift & Co. v. U.S.

Champion v Ames

Hammer v. Dagenhart

February 15

Commerce Clause & New Deal 136-156

118-136 U.S. v. Lopez

RR retirement Bd U.S. v. Morrison

Schechter Poultry Gonzales v. Reich

Carter v. Carter Coal Co.

NLRB v. Jones & Laughlin Steel

U.S. v. Darby

Heart of Atlanta

Katzenbach v. McClung

Perez. v. U.S.

Wickard v. Filburn

February 22

Affordable Heath Care Sov. Immunity 179-186

156-179 Ex Parte Young

NFIB v, Sibelius Seminole Tribe, Alden

Nat. League v. Usery Kimmel & Garrett

Garcia v. San Antonio FMC v. S,C. Ports Authority

N.Y. v. U.S; Central Virginia CC. v. Katz

Printz v. U.S.

February 29 (leap day) Tax Cont.

Taxing and Spending 187-203 204-217

Child Labor case S. Dakota v. Dole

U.S. v. Constantine Nat. Fed. Of Independent Bus. v. Sebelius

Sonzinsky v. U.S.

Nat. Fed. Of Independent Bus.

v. Sebelius


U.S. v. Butler

Stewart Machine Co

Helvering v. Davis
March 6

Spring break (No I didn’t make that up, look at the official schedule)

March 14

219-233 Dormant CC continued

Commerce Clause 233-256

Gibbons v. Ogden Philadelphia v. N.J.

Wilson v. Black Bird Creek Marsh Co. Granholm v. Heald

Mayor v. Miln Maine v. Taylor

Passenger Cases Oregon Waste Systems

License Cases West Lynn Creamery v. Healy

Cooley v. Bd. Of Wardens Camps Newfound/Owatonna v.

Buck v. Kuykendall Harrison

Bradley v. PUC Dean Milk v. Madison

Carbone v. Clarkstown

United Haulers v. Oneida-Herkimer

Solid WMA

Dept. of Rev. v. Ky Market Participant

South-Central Timber v. Wunnicke
March 21

Dormant CC cont. Finish last reading assignment

256-273 Privileges and Immunities

Baldwin v. Seelig 273-281

H.P.Hood & Sons. v. Du Mond United Building et al v. Camden

Hunt v. Washington State Apple Comm’n Piper

Bacchus Imports v. Dias Preemption and Cong. Consent

Exxon Corp. v. Gov. of Maryland 281-293

Minn. v. Clover Leaf Creamery Pacific Gas & Electric

Pike v. Bruce Church Rice v. Santa Fe Elevator, Hines

Kassel v. Consolidated Freightways Florida Lime, Gade, Wyeth, Crosby

S.C. v. Barnwell Bros. Prudential Insurance v. Benjamin

So. Pacific Co. v. Arizona White v. Mass.

Bibb v. Navajo Freight Lines State Taxation of Interstate Bus. etc

Lewis v. BT Investment Managers 293-296

Edgar v. Mite & CTS v, Dynamics

March 28

Separation of Powers We will go through Ch. 6

Skim Chapter 6 as per Starting with the steel seizure case

class assignment to be announced Belmont, Dames & Moore,

War Power and Sep. of Powers War Powers Resolution

Reid v. Covert U.S. v. Curtis Wright Export

Youngstown Sheet & Tube

U.S. v. Belmont

War Powers Resolution

U.S. v. Curtis Wright Export

Missouri v. Holland

Dames and Moore v. Regan

April 4

Habeas Corpus 345-367

320-345 Rumsfeld v. Padilla

President Lincoln Military Tribunals

Ex Parte Milligan Hamdan v. Rumsfeld

Ex Parte Quirin Boumediene v. Bush

Johnson v. Eisentrager

Rasul v. Bush

Hamdi v. Rumsfeld

Reid v. Covert

Woods v. Miller

Missouri v. Holland

April 11

Cong. Limits on the President 391-424

367-391 Morrison v. Olson

Curtis-Wright Mistretta

INS v. Chadha Woods v. Miller

Clinton v. N.Y. Missouri v. Holland

Bowsher v. Synar Reid v. Covert

Meyers v. U.S. Impeachment

Humphrey’s Executor U.S. v. Nixon

Clinton v. Jones

April 18

Individual Rights 450-453

425-446 Duncan v. Louisiana

Barron v. City of Baltimore Substantive Due Process

Slaughter House Cases 471-483

Crandall v. Nevada Lochner

Edwards v. California Nebbia v. N.Y.

Dred Scott v. Sandford 492-509

Saenz v. Roe Griswold v. Connecticut

Shapiro v. Thompson Roe v. Wade

Meyer v. Nebraska

Pierce v. Society of Sisters

Skinner v. Oklahoma

April 25

509-528 529-562

Progeny of Roe Marriage and Family Relations

Casey Loving v. Virginia

undue burden standard Zabloki v. Redhail

Gonzales v. Carhart Turner v. Safley

Moore v. East Cleveland

Belle Terre v. Boraas

Michael H. v. Gerald D.

Bowers v. Hardwick Lawrence v. Texas Death & rt to die

Troxil v. Granville

Cruzan v. Missouri Dept. of Health

Glucksberg & Vacol v. Quill

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