U. S. Space Program Challenged Exactly two months and two days before the Challenger tragedy, the

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MEG Inventor Tom Bearden: Did the Soviets Cause the Challenger


YOWUSA.COM, May 6, 2002

Janice Manning

On the morning of January 28, 1986, America screamed, shouted and

wept in collective horror as the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded

73 seconds after liftoff, killing all aboard. We later learned

that this tragedy was caused by the weathering and hardening of the

huge, rubber “O” rings that were installed in the solid rocket, but

there could be more to the story. If U.S. Army Colonel (retired)

Tom Bearden is right, there is an even deeper reason than weather

itself – Soviet EM warfare directed against the United States. If

so, this could portend dangerous consequences for America’s near

future, vis-à-vis an Axis of Evil state.

The official report on the Challenger disaster stated the “O” rings

had been damaged by unnaturally cold weather. The fact that the

failure of the “O” rings caused the disaster it irrefutably. . . .
U.S. Space Program Challenged
Exactly two months and two days before the Challenger tragedy, the

space shuttle Atlantis lifted off from Cape Canaveral in an evening

launch. During that launch, a strange light was observed in the sky

nearby. Twelve minutes into the flight of the Atlantis, when the

craft was safely downrange, a huge atmospheric rumbling explosion

occurred that was heard for hundreds of miles in all directions.

These booms and rumbles over Florida were becoming commonplace and

Atlantis was the third space shuttle launch to be marked by this

A mere six weeks before the Challenger disaster occurred, the same

Soviet EM weapon was deliberately tested against “an Arrow DC-8

taking off from Gander Air Force Base, Newfoundland. At lift-off,

the aircraft—carrying over 258 U.S. Marines and aircrew—lost power

and sank into the ground tail-low, killing everyone on board.”

Observers of the crash reported hearing the engines of the doomed

craft roaring in painful labor as the plane struggled to right


On January 1, 1986, the U.S. learned that the Soviets had upgraded

their “Woodpecker” EM weapons systems with a metal softening signal.

The signal had been detected and verified using a special

verification process.

On January 28, 1986, the Challenger disaster occurred. The many

indicators of Soviet tampering are listed here in Bearden’s own

The Tom Bearden Website

Historical Background of Scalar EM Weapons

On Jan. 28, 1986 the Challenger disaster occurred. The Challenger

was positively killed by the Soviet Union, using the scalar EM

weapons through the Woodpecker grid. A host of indicators


… The anomalous cold weather in Florida was definitely engineered

by the USSR,

… Specialized cloud patterns associated with Soviet grid

engineering and weather engineering were observed and photographed

in Los Angeles, California and Huntsville, Alabama, beginning

several days before the incident, and particularly on the evening

before the launch,
… The normal "pivot point" for turning the jetstream northeastward

was moved south from Huntsville, Alabama to Birmingham, Alabama by

the Soviets; this was to force the jetstream much further south,

and consequently move unusually cold air into the Florida

panhandle, exposing the shuttle to undue cold stress,
… About 4 hours before launch; all Soviet ships off shore suddenly

left the area at speed; this was the first shuttle launch not

"shadowed" by Soviet ships,
… On the morning of the launch, higher frequencies were added to

the interference grid to enable much-enhanced localization. The

brains of small birds are very sensitive to these higher

frequencies, due to their small diameter (wavelength) as a scalar

EM receiver. If they remained in the area of localization, the

birds would be in intense pain or killed. On the morning of the

launch, national TV network news, announcers, noted that no birds

at all were flying in the area, something which had never happened

… At the time of the shuttle's destruction, a giant radial cloud

pattern was actually in the general vicinity;

… Three previous shuttle launches—the last on Nov. 26,1985—had

been used as direct test targets for tests of the Soviet launch

phase ABM/antibomber defense system so the weapon was "zeroed in"

on the launch site,
… The anomalous destruction of the Arrow DC-8 on Dec. 12, 1985 had

already indicated a Soviet decision to elevate the testing to the

actual destruction of targeted vehicles,
… At the time of the launch, anomalous electromagnetic phenomena

occurred in nearby restaurants,

… A metal-softening signal was on the grid, as previously detected

by Golden. This signal would be detected by the launch flame, and

after ignition would result in a steady weakening of the metal in

and around the booster flame. Note that the metal was already

cold-stressed beyond what it had been tested to withstand,
… Almost immediately after ignition, the booster seals vented,

giving evidence that the cold stress and the metal-softening

signal were weakening the system,
… An anomalous 10 second or so burnthrough of the weakened booster


… An anomalous "1ight"—possibly a Soviet EM missile —was observed

to play on the rocket before it blew up,

… An anomalous "flat plate" earthquake over about 11 states

occurred within days after destruction of the shuttle. This type

of quake is strongly suspicious, and it was probably the test of

the grid/howitzers in a ground wave interferometry mode,

… Substantial winds and air turbulence over the launch site

increased the stress on the Challenger as it rose through this

region. With a giant cloud radial in the area, one strongly

suspects that the turbulence may have been deliberately created or

augmented by the Soviet scalar EM grid,
… A few days later, from 1-4 February 1986, many birds

inadvertently flew into the new, localized "pivot point" at

Birmingham, Alabama, encountered the high frequency components,

and dead birds fell from the sky in substantial numbers. Many

different kinds of birds were involved.

… Most significant of all, General Daniel Graham has reported

that, on the evening after the death of the Challenger, the Soviet

KGBgave a party and celebrated the success of their perfect active

measures against the Challenger! [emphasis mine -- JM] Note that

all development, deployment, employment, and command and control

of the Soviet scalar EM weapons are under the KGB. Finally, a U.S.

classified investigation of the Challenger disaster was ordered by

Congress, but its results have not been made public. Beyond any

doubt the Soviets destroyed the Challenger, and killed the seven

brave astronauts aboard the spaceship.
Has Tom Bearden established EM weaponry as a scientific fact? Yes,

definitely. If so, will this Cold War technology come back to haunt

us again?

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