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Month and Year

Thematic Essay Topic

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June 2015



January 2015

Reasons and impact of Congressional legislation

Controversial Presidential decisions impacting civil liberties: Lincoln suspending Habeas Corpus, FDR relocating Japanese- American's, George W. Bush signing the USA PATRIOT ACT

August 2014

Positive and negative effects of technology on American society.

Causes ad results of the Korean War, Vietnam War and/ or Persian Gulf war

June 2014

Supreme Court Decisions

Writers on issues: Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring”, Betty Friednan’s “Feminine Mystique”, Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail”

January 2014

Territorial Acquisition

Presidents at war: Woodrow Wilson, FDR (prior to Pearl Harbor), civil liberties and post war results

August 2013

Foreign Policy: The Cold War

Controversial Issues: Ratification of the Constitution, The Louisiana Purchase, Expanding slavery into the territories

June 2013

Foreign Policy: Promoting and protecting national interests.

The Supreme Court and Civil Liberties: Plessy v Ferguson (1896) & Brown v Board of Education

January 2013

Important Congressional Legislation: Reasons and Impact (Cause and effect essay)

Key events of the 1950s: The Korean War, The Montgomery Bus Boycott, The launching of Sputnik

August 2012

Reform movements due to Industrialization

Limits to civil liberties: Alien & Sedition Act (WWI), Executive Order 9066 (WW2), The Patriot Act

June 2012

Foreign Policy: how the US dealt with international problems.

People Movements: Abolitionism, the Labor Movement, Women’s Suffrage

January 2012

Supreme Court Decisions

Sectionalism: Social, political and/or economic issues that divided the North and South

August 2011

How geography impacted two important events in US History.

Expansion of Democracy

June 2011

Constitutional Amendments

1920s and 1930s: Similarities and differences.

January 2011

Supreme Court and Diversity: Constitutional Rights

Cold War attitudes and events during the presidencies of JFK, Nixon and Reagan

August 2010

Presidential actions: Foreign and domestic policies.

Positive and negative effects of geography on the development of the United States

June 2010

Technology: Positive and negative effects on American society.

Reform Movements: Temperance, Women’s Suffrage, Ending Child Labor

January 2010

Writings and reforms: Individuals, groups and/or institutions

The influence of water on America’s development: Rivers, canals, oceans, lakes

August 2009

Supreme Court Decisions

Presidential Leadership: George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt

June 2009

Constitutional Principle: Individual rights.

Industrialization between the Civil War and WWI (Social, Political and/or economic)

January 2009

Migrations within the United States

Impact of the Warren led Supreme Court decisions on American Society

August 2008

Government actions to improve the economy.

Social, Political and/or Economic impact of the automobile.

June 2008

Individuals (Other than Presidents) that created change.

Presidential Domestic Crisis: the Civil War, the Bonus Army March, Little Rock, Ark. 1957

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