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Roosevelt and the New Deal – Chapter 10 (Section 1-2)

  1. Summarize the different viewpoints of Roosevelt’s advisers. (12 points)

One group wanted joint government-business cooperation, another wanted great government control, another wanted to increase competition


  1. How did the Glass-Steagall Act and the FDIC help make the banking industry safer? (8 points)

Protected depositor’s money and insured bank deposits

  1. List the major agencies of the First New Deal. (9 points)

(CCC) - Civilian Conservation Corps

(TVA) – Tennessee Valley Authority

(AAA) – Agricultural Adjustment Act

(FERA) – Federal Emergency Relief Administration

(NRA) – National Recovery Administration

(FDIC) – Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

(PWA) – Public Works Administration

(CWA) – Civil Works Administration

(SEC) – Securities and Exchange Commission

  1. List the political challenges Roosevelt faced in his first term. (6 points)

  • Right and Left Wing

    1. American Liberty League

    2. Left Wing Democrats

    3. Urban Catholics

Define (2 points each)


Appearing to be fact as the far as can be understood


A system of thought that is held by an individual, group, or culture

Fireside Chat

Radio broadcasts made by FDR to the American people to explain his initiatives


Being of central importance

Deficit Spending

Government practice of spending borrowed money after raising taxes, usually an attempt to boost the economy


To provide money for a project


To be connected with or in reference

Binding Arbitration

Process whereby a neutral party hears arguments from two opposing sides and makes a decision that both must accept

Sit-down strike

Method of boycotting work by sitting down at work and refusing to leave the establishment


Something considered important or essential

On time Extra Credit: 10

Quiz:_____out of 55
Week 20 of 21.

The eighth and last quiz towards your final.

Roosevelt and the New Deal – Chapter 10 (Section 1-2) Page 1/20/12

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