U. S. History Fall Semester Final Study Guide

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U.S. History Fall Semester Final Study Guide

What role did the "muckrakers" play in the Progressive Movement in the early 20th century?

What was the goal of William Taft's Dollar Diplomacy?

What was the goal of the United States Open Door policy towards China during the late 1800s?

When it became clear that the Articles of Confederation were inadequate, a convention for "revising the Articles of Confederation" was called in 1787. This came to be known as the Constitutional Convention. Which of the following compromises was agreed upon in the debates of this convention?

How was the Open Door Policy intended to protect China from being torn apart by competing foreign territorial interests?

What debate in the drafting of the Constitution was finally resolved by the Great Compromise?

How was American imperialism overseas related to Manifest Destiny within the continental United States?

Which of the following countries did the United States elect to occupy after the Spanish American War?

During the Spanish–American War, newspaper tycoons Hearst and Pulitzer helped sway American sympathies in favor of the Cuban rebels by sensationalizing stories in a practice known as __________.

How did the Spanish American War affect the position of the United States in world politics and stature?

Due to the large surplus of unskilled workers during the Industrial Revolution, factory owners were able to take advantage of workers in what way?

The Jungle by Upton Sinclair describes filthy work conditions and the sale of diseased animal products in cities during __________.

Before factory reform movements, which of the following portrays typical conditions for factory workers during the industrialization?

Which of the following was typical of living conditions in cities during the industrialization?

Which of the following was typical of living conditions in cities during the industrialization?

What do the Sixteenth, Seventeenth, Eighteenth, and Nineteenth Amendments all have in common?

During the late 1800's to early 1900's the Progressives advocated reforms in politics. What major change in voting did they achieve?

Which of the following amendments to the Constitution occurred during and as a result of the Progressive Era? Which of the following is true regarding the political machines during the 1800's?

During the three decades following the Civil War, the United States transformed rapidly from a rural nation to a __________.

The Sixteenth Amendment to the Constitution is an example of __________.

In 1890, Congress passed the __________. This law banned businesses from controlling the market by forming monopolies and trusts.

One of the purposes of ratifying the Seventeenth Amendment was to __________.

Many industry leaders employed the practice of buying out the competition in an attempt to control the market. This strategy is called __________.

Andrew Carnegie attempted to control the steel industry by buying out his supplier's coal fields, iron mines, freight lines and railways. Owning multiple steps in the manufacturing process is called __________.

The immense U.S. industrial boom, in the early Twentieth Century, could be attributed to __________.

Emphasizing the value of competition, captains of industry argued that it benefited the marketplace because only the most efficient and excellent companies would survive. This is an example of the belief in __________.

More than any other invention, the development of __________ led to increased economic and industrial growth in the United States

The United States followed a policy of isolation from foreign involvement during the early part of the 19th century. How did American industrialization lead to a revision of the United States' foreign policy near the end of the 19th century?

From 1892 to 1911, Standard Oil Company was targeted several times by state and federal authorities for __________.

-a postal savings system - demand for currency in the form of silver or paper - government ownership of railroads and telephones - What fledgling political party of the 1800s ran on a platform that fought for the above changes in U.S. government?

John D. Rockefeller was able to corner the oil market and reap large profits by __________.

In the above image, __________ is shown digging the Panama Canal because he was largely responsible for the United States' involvement in creating the valuable waterway.

"De–vyled" ham was made out of the waste ends of smoked beef that were too small to be sliced by the machines; and also tripe, dyed with chemicals so that it would not show white; and trimmings of hams and corned beef; and potatoes, skins and all; and finally the hard cartilaginous gullets of beef, after the tongues had been cut out. All this ingenious mixture was ground up and flavored with spices to make it taste like something. –Upton Sinclair's The Jungle - Which action did the federal government take in response to the situation depicted in the excerpt?

Which statement MOST accurately illustrates a negative effect of industrialization in the 19th century United States?

Which statement BEST describes the conditions of urban factory workers in the early 20th century United States?

Which of the following would be considered a reason for the creation of the political machines?

Which of the following was responsible for the United States to industrialize rapidly by giving industry a large work force?

During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, U.S. foreign policy was closely tied to domestic economic concerns. The annexation of Hawaii, the Open Door policy with China, and the construction of the Panama Canal in Latin America were all motivated by an interest in

What was the goal of President Roosevelt's Big Stick Diplomacy? Why did Progressivism begin?

Which of the following statements did not stimulate U.S. imperialism?

By the 1920s, the corruption of the political machines, especially Boss Tweed's notorious Tammany Hall, had become too obvious for the middle class to ignore. What was the result of this?

The Fifteenth Amendment to the Constitution guaranteed African American males the right to vote; however, many of them still did not vote because

The question whether to count slaves for the purpose of allocating representatives to each state under the Constitution was resolved with the decision that

One of the primary beliefs of populism in the late 1800s as well as now, is that

Many trustees in large holding companies believed that the government should not interfere in the free market system. This is called the __________ economic theory.

The Founding Fathers created the systems of checks and balances in order to balance the powers between the

The Populist movement of the 1890s can best be described as a

The Declaration of Independence elaborates on the Enlightenment idea of

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