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U.S. History (Advanced)

Mr. Carlos del Cuadro



Mission Statement: This study of United History will provide comprehensive coverage of U.S. history from prehistory to the present. It will be a blending of social and political history and geography to provide students with a broad view of America’s past and present. A multicultural perspective will be used and the skills of interpreting charts, primary sources, political cartoons, and other historical documents will be developed.

Course Grading:

         Tests – 30%

       Quizzes – 20%

_ Class Work/Home Learning – 15%

_ Participation -10%
Projects/Essays/Notebook- 25%





-Current Event analysis (Why is this important? (3-5 paragraphs)/once a week

Class Rules and Keys to Success:

1.  Do your best at all times.

2.  Use your imagination and creativity when doing your assignments.

3.  Come to class with a positive attitude.

4.  Ask questions.

5.  Respect your teacher, and classmates at all times.

6.  Do your homework! Projects will not be accepted late and you have three days to make up any missed work due, only with an excused absence.  Late work will be penalized.

7. No chewing gum, cell phones away, and keep your hands to yourself

8.  You should be seated by final bell and bell does NOT dismiss you, teacher does, at conclusion of class.

10. Respect yourself and your ability by setting high goals for yourself.

Supply List:

      Folder with two pockets and clip in middle

      Colored pencils

      Blue or black ink pens and pencils

Grading Policy: The grading policy will adhere to Miami Dade County Public Schools

Textbook: Holt McDougal, United States History

Beginnings and Early America: Early Claims, Early Conflicts

- What is history?

How to study U.S. History

Native American cultures, Europe, Discovery and Exploration and Colonialism, slavery, Northern Colonies, Southern Colonies, and Middle Colonies

Creating a New Nation

-  The Changing Relationship between Great Britain and its North

   American colonies, French and Indian War, taxation policies, Lexington to Yorktown

- From Confederation to Constitution

Articles of Confederation, the constitution, Connecticut compromise, 3/5th compromise, ratification of Constitution, Bill of Rights, Federalist vs Anti-Federalists, The War of 1812

- The Era of the Common Man

Effects of the Spoils system, Native American removals, industrialization in the North and Agriculture in the South, Nullification Crisis, westward expansion, abolitionist movement

The Road to War

Compromise of 1850, Bleeding Kansas, Dred Scott, Harper’s Ferry, Election of 1860, Secession and War

Advantages of each side, Early Battles, military strategy, the war in the west, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Gettysburg, Emancipation Proclamation, Grant’ s strategy, Sherman’s March to the Sea, Appomattox.


Amnesty, assassination of Lincoln, radical republicans, Freedmen’s Bureau, 13th-15th Amendments, Andrew Johnson, impeachment, black codes, Carpet baggers, and scalawags, KKK, Compromise of 1877


Related Topics

Industrial Revolution

American Innovations, Immigration, rise of capitalism, urbanization, economic growth, moving west, Spanish American war, the progressives, imperialism

World War I

Roots of conflict in Europe, American involvement, outcomes of WWI, League of nations, Versailles Treaty, effects on Germany, Italy and Japan in 1920’s, Great Depression, The New Deal

The World at War and the Home Front

Europe in the 1930s, appeasement, rise of totalitarianism, 1939-1945, American involvement after Pearl Harbor, The holocaust within the context of WWII.

The Cold War

Soviet Union vs United States, two camps, Berlin, Iron Curtain, NATO vs Warsaw Pact, Cuban missile crisis, détente, MAD, Cold War concludes in 1989 (in Europe).

Current Events

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