U. S. History – Movement: The Columbian Exchange

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U.S. History – Movement: The Columbian Exchange Mr. Pollak

Before 1492, there were no tomatoes in Italy, no pineapples in Hawaii, no potatoes in Ireland, no oranges in Florida, and no cattle in Texas. So how did they get to each of these places?
Part A: What does the word “exchange” mean to you?

Part B: Use the map on the back to locate the area(s) of origin of:

Area of Origin

Domesticated Plants

  1. Corn (Maize)

  2. Rice

  3. Carrots

  4. Tomato

  5. Sugar Cane

  6. Potato

  7. Coffee

  1. ______________________________________

  2. ______________________________________

  3. ______________________________________

  4. ______________________________________

  5. ______________________________________

  6. ______________________________________

  7. ______________________________________

Domesticated Animals

  1. Horse

  2. Pig

  3. Chicken

  4. Cattle

  1. ______________________________________

  2. ______________________________________

  3. ______________________________________

  4. ______________________________________

Part C: Using the Area of Origins map on the back, find one plant AND one animal that has at least 3 areas of origin? Name the plant & the animal and their corresponding areas of origin.
Plant: _____________ Areas of origin: __________________________________________________

Animal: _____________ Areas of origin: __________________________________________________

Part D: Tasting an example of the Columbian Exchange.

1. Which piece of candy did you choose? __________________________________

2. List the ingredients and their area of origin.

3. On the blank world map on the back of this page, place an * in each ingredient’s area(s) of

origin and label each * with the corresponding ingredient’s name.
Part E: Reflection: Based on what you have learned throughout this activity, on a separate piece

of paper, complete the following:

  1. IN YOUR OWN WORDS, describe the Columbian Exchange.

  1. IN YOUR OWN WORDS, explain how the Columbian Exchange impacts your daily life.

Areas of Origin: Plants and Animals

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World Map
\\foreman-srv01\users\staff\meoconnell\my pictures\2011-09 (sep)\scan0001.jpg

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