U. S. First National Government Articles of Confederation Answer Key

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U.S. First National Government

Articles of Confederation Answer Key

What is a confederation? A confederation is a loose union of states.

Cause and Effects of Articles of Confederation



Main Fears of Founders

  1. Feared a strong government

  2. Feared some states have more power

Central government had limited power

Weak Government

  1. cannot do anything without states approval

  2. no power to tax

  3. no federal courts

  4. no power to unify states

No federal court system

  1. couldn’t resolve any disputes between states

  2. couldn’t resolve disputes

Good things that came out of the AOC

  1. Unified states together to fight the British

  2. Won war -- Gained independence

  3. Created a peace treaty with Britain

  4. Prevented each state from conducting foreign affairs

Problems with AOC

  1. Each state considered themselves separate countries basically.

    1. only worried about individual state’s interest

      1. Virginians only worried about Virginia

  2. People didn’t think citizen of America

    1. Considered themselves Virginians not Americans, etc.

  3. State government didn’t cooperate with each other

  4. National government was weak

    1. no power to unify states

    2. no courts to settle disputes

    3. no trade between states and other nations

    4. no money, couldn’t raise money -- states wouldn’t give money

      1. Americans not making a living

      2. Businesses were failing

      3. Soldiers from war were not paid, etc.

Northwest Ordinance of 1787 -

***The Northwest Ordinance of 1787 was the planning to address new territory/states pass the “Mississippi River, Great Lakes, Ohio River”.

What is an Ordinance? An Ordinance is an order or law made by government

  1. Organize own government

  2. When get large population could join union

  3. New state have equal rights like original states

  4. Public land set aside for public schools

  5. Slavery unlawful in new states

  6. Freedom of religion, speech, press

THE ARTICLES OF CONFEDERATION lasted as our national government for 7 years.

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