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1945 1960 - Termination of Trust Relationship Period - Termination is used to describe a specific policy toward Indian affairs, the popularity for which peaked in Congress in 1953 and resulted in the infamous House Concurrent Resolution 108. The policy goal of HCR 108 was to end the federally recognized status of Indian tribes and their trust relationship with the United States “as rapidly as possible.” Many of the policy’s naive but sometimes well-intentioned supporters were convinced they were finally going to solve “the Indian problem” through yet another form of forced assimilation; making the Indian people become just like “other citizens.” More than 200 tribes were terminated, meaning that their rights based on their status as American Indians were eliminated by the U.S. government and those individuals no longer had status as American Indians and were no longer eligible for services offered to other tribes. This is another example of federal policy being implementation without tribal input. Many tribes were fearful of the consequence of this action and petitioned not to be terminated.

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