U. S. 1 1st Quiz Study Guide

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U.S. 1 1st Quiz Study Guide
Things You Need to Know:

  • Native American culture

    • Use PowerPoint as a guide; you don’t need to know each tribe individually. Just know collectively what Native American culture was like. (i.e., many tribes hunted, no one owned the land, tribes worked together to sustain their community, etc.).

  • Native American versus European culture

    • Use Native American culture versus European culture worksheet as a guide

    • Make sure you know what’s going in Europe during this time (Crusades, Reformation, Age of Exploration).

    • What kind of technology did Europeans have that Native Americans did not have? (Remember technology at this time does not mean the same thing it does today).

    • Why were Europeans able to conquer the Native Americans?

    • How did European and Native American society differ?

  • African culture (this will be a very small part)

    • Look at “West African Societies in 1492” guided notes worksheet

    • Why did Europeans start bringing over Africans to the Americas?

    • How did African slavery differ from European servitude?

  • Columbus and the Columbian Exchange – Use your Columbus guided notes worksheet and the Columbian Exchange worksheet as a guide

    • What were the 3 reasons Columbus came and overtook the Native Americans? (Essentially the 3 main goals of the Age of Exploration)

    • What did Columbus do to the Native Americans once he arrived to the Americas?

    • How did the Columbian Exchange change relations between the Old and New World forever?

    • What did the hemispheres receive due to the Columbian Exchange? (Don’t need to know specifics; just have a general sense).

    • What were some direct and indirect effects of the Columbian Exchange?

    • What ideas were exchanged due to the Columbian Exchange?

  • Geography of the American Colonies

    • Be able to label on a map the 13 colonies and which colonies compose each colonial group.

    • Look at the graphic organizer from class which describes all 3 colonial regions. Have a general overview regarding what each colony is known for and how geography influenced their overall development.

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