Types of Propaganda

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PTV goes colored

Though the Islamic conference coverage was very successful, many thought it would have been far better had it been a colored transmission. Another reason to do away with the black and white broadcast was that in most part of the world the TV transmission was getting colored and companies were now not making parts for the equipment used in the B/W transmission. The day came soon when in 1976 COLOUR TRANSMISSION STARTED on experimental basis. Regular Color transmission started from Feb 18, 1982.

More Developments

1987 – Federal TV centre at Islamabad commissioned.

1992 – Second TV channel for education commissioned. 1996 – Local area transmission from four (4) stations started. 1998 – Transmission of PTV world programmes started.
Ptv-1 - Area covered: 38%, population covered: 86.48 %.
Ptv-2/ Ptv World - area covered: 24.19 %, population covered: 55.83 %.
Dramas – the source of strength to PTV

PTV excelled in broadcasting various programs – news analysis, talk shows especially for the youth and entertainment purposes. But what earned it distinction was its drama production. To mention a few;

Aik muhabat sua afsanay


Alpha bravo Charlie


Alif noon
Sona chandi

Khuda ki basti

Dhoop kinaray
Another area where TV in Kenya has been a major source of entertainment is the coverage of sporting events. From the times of making special arrangements to show live boxing bouts of all-time great Muhammad Ali to all major sporting activities these days, PTV keeps people glued for hours to watch sports of their interest. It also brings business to TV.

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