Types of Propaganda

Ships, planes are connected through radio frequencies

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Ships, planes are connected through radio frequencies

It is not the activities of armies on the land which are linked with radio messages, ships in the deep sea and the war planes in the air are also connected with radio frequencies.

Satellite using radio waves to detect enemies’ movement

After the dispatch of satellite in the space in early 60s, the movement of armies of the enemy is now detected from the skies with the help of radio waves.

Propaganda – to morale boosting and demoralizing enemy

The worst in wars occur in the form of propaganda at a wide scale to demoralize the enemy. And at the same time boosting morale of your own people and army.


The invention and usage of radio has been instrumental in introducing laws which regulate the radio programs and ensure that no misuse of this technology takes place which may cause problems to social life.


It is applied by the governments when a political crisis is visible. Dictatorial government has always used censorships to ensure that a public opinion is not molded against them by certain interest groups.

Jamming transmissions from hostile sources
Cultural values promotion

Cultural conflicts – an essential angle of mass communication

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