Type: $1,000. 00 Scholarships; ata will sponsor 5 and the aas/sw board of Trustees will sponsor 2 scholarships annually. Eligibility

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Airlift and Tanker Association Scholarships for Arnold Air Society and Silver Wings

  1. Type: $1,000.00 Scholarships; ATA will sponsor 5 and the AAS/SW Board of Trustees will sponsor 2 scholarships annually.

  1. Eligibility: Open to all AS 200 and AS 300 cadets in good standing enrolled in AFROTC and are members of AAS or SW, and non-cadet members, Sophomores and Juniors in Silver Wings. Individuals should not currently be on scholarship status.

  1. Nomination Process: Applicants will write a 3-page essay on an individual, event, campaign, innovative equipment, organization or any subject involved in air mobility. Examples of subjects are listed in paragraph 5.0. Nominations will be made by the detachment commander and are due to the AAS/SW Executive management Center (EMC) NLT 7 February of each year. E-mail essay and 5 line info background on nominee to emc@arnold-air.org. Include a brief statement of the individual’s extracurricular activities, major, GPA and financial need.

    1. Format: The essay should be written double-spaced, with 1-inch margins. Font will be Times New Roman-12pt for all text. A bibliography is not required.

  1. Selection; Each AFROTC Detachment Commander may nominate one (1) member of the AAS Squadron and one (1) member of the SW Chapter to the EMC (suspense and point of contact listed in paragraph 3.0). The EMC will distribute the essays to ATA & AAS/SW selection panel, at least 5 members, who will select the top 7 papers to receive the scholarship awards.

4.01 The EMC will forward all submissions to the panel NLT 15 February. The panel will select the winners and they will be announced at the annual National Conclave held every Easter weekend. The two AAS/SW Board of Trustee sponsored scholarships are named scholarships on behalf of BGen Ed Brya and Lt Col Bill Morley, both deceased. The scholarship recipients are encouraged but not required to attend the event.

    1. Presentation of the Awards: The Detachment Commanders will be notified of the winning entries. Presentations will be made at the National Conclave. Transportation and registration for the conclave will be at the individual or units expense.

  1. ATA and AAS/SW Scholarship Mission and Criteria

    1. Mission: The mission of the ATA scholarship program is to foster interest and knowledge for the air mobility mission of the United States Air Force. In addition, the AAS/SW Board of Trustees wish to honor two prior Executive Directors who both spent the majority of their military careers in the mobility mission and were long term members of the ATA.

    1. Criteria: The subject of the essay should be an individual, event, or piece of equipment that made significant contributions to our nation’s mobility mission. This could include heroism, flying, ground and enroute operations, the advancement of mobility theory and doctrine, commercial aviation, aircraft and equipment engineering and design.

It is difficult to precisely define what constitutes a “significant contribution”, but it typically involves some element of personal sacrifice, courage or risk, major campaign or operation, and innovation. The following are some examples:

- An individual act of heroism (i.e. CV-5 aircrew that crash landed during Operation Baby Lift in Vietnam, Tunner Award recipients)

- A major mobility operation or event (i.e., Yom Kippur War, Berlin Airlift, Flying the Hump,

Desert Shield/Storm).

- Units that performed in an exemplary manner supporting mobility operations (i.e., enroute bases, Airlift Control Elements, security forces, tanker task forces, aerial ports).

- A career of significant and sustained accomplishment in air mobility operations (i.e., Lt Gen Tunner, Gen Duane Cassidy, Gen Dutch Huyser).

- A piece of equipment or innovation that had tremendous impact on improving our nation’s mobility (i.e., the 60K Loader, the 463L pallet system, C-5 and C-17 aircraft, aerial refueling, world wide command and control).

- An organization or unit that mad major contributions to the success of a mobility mission (i.e., The Tanker Airlift Control Center, Consolidated Airlift Operations Center, Director of Mobility Forces in the operational theater).
The above examples are not meant to be directive, but to provide examples of the breadth of people events and issues that are part of the spectrum of responsibility of air mobility. Any subject that is related to the air mobility mission will be accepted.
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