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Fred Chase Koch (1900-1967) was an American entrepreneur who founded the Wood River Oil and Refining Company (1940). His company evolved into Koch Industries, Inc. (after his death [1968], his company was re-named after him).

Koch was born in Quanah, Texas in 1900. He was the son of a Dutch immigrant, Harry Koch, who had a strong belief in his own “superiority.”

Koch graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1922 with a degree in Chemical Engineering.

In 1927, he developed a more efficient thermal, cracking process (a method by which complex, organic molecules are “broken down” into simpler, organic molecules) for turning crude oil into gasoline. The invention of this process could help smaller oil companies to compete against larger oil companies. The larger companies, afraid of the potential, completion, attempted to destroy his company by filing a multitude of lawsuits. Although he was eventually victorious, the intense and lengthy litigation forced his company (Winkler-Koch) to focus, increasingly, on international markets (such as, Germany, Russia, and Asia).

(Koch serviced the Soviet Union from 1929 to 1932. His company built over 15 cracking units [as well as trained a number of Soviet technicians] for Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin [1878-1953]. Years later, in his book, A Business Man Looks at Communism (1960): he stated that he came to despise communism in general and to despise Stalin in particular. Still, his reported “change of attitude” did not stop him from “doing business” with Stalin. The fact that Stalin was systematically “purging” the Bolshevik engineers working with Koch did not seem to prevent the “business man” from taking Stalin’s money: it has been estimated that the “mass murderer” paid several million dollars for Koch’s professional services.)

Koch was one of the founding members of the John Birch Society (along with Robert Welch, Jr. and 11 other bigots) in 1958. The “Birchers” were strong proponents of the doctrine of “American Exceptualism”: that is, one of the purposes of the American elite was to guild the Nation and the world in doing what was best for them. One of their philosophical heroes was the “madman”, Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (1844-1900). Nietzsche truly believed that the world was for the “supermen” to have, to manipulate, and to control. Another advocate of this erroneous doctrine was the “mass murderer” Adolf Hitler (1889-1945).

(The John Birch Society is an American, extremist group that supports “anti-communism, limited government, a Constitutional Republic, and personal freedom.” It sees John Morrison Birch [1918-1945] as an American martyr and American hero. And, he is viewed by them as the first victim of the Cold War [1947-1991]. Birch was an American, military, intelligence officer in World War II [1939-1945]. While operating as a Baptist Missionary in China, he was executed by members of the Communist Party.)

Koch married Mary Robinson in 1932. They had four sons (Frederick R., Charles G., David H., and William I.).

Koch Industries, Inc. is a privately, held conglomerate with subsidiaries involved in manufacturing, trading, and investments. Its “headquarters” is located in Wichita, Kansas.

(Its subsidiaries operate within several industries in which the following products are generated: “petroleum, chemicals, energy, asphalt, natural gas, plastics, fibers, minerals, fertilizers, ranching, pulp and paper, finance, and commodities.” The company employs over 70,000 individuals: 50,000 in the United States and 20,000 in 59 other countries.)

After Koch’s death in 1967, his sons fought for the control of the company. The eventual winners were Charles de Ganahl and David Hamilton. They paid their brothers, Frederick Robinson and William Ingraham, 1.1 billion dollars, for 84% ownership of the company (1983). And, Charles and David plan to keep the company privately owned as long as they are the majority owners.

Fred C. Koch and his sons believe in the principles of the John Birch Society. That is, they are against communism; they want limited government; and, they want complete personal and business freedom in relationship to governmental authority. And, they are more than willing to pay for it. This tactic of corruption was leaned and developed in their European and their Asian business activities (for the last 82 years).

As the “unofficial” front company for the “big” five corporations within United States (See earticle “(12)” on this website.), the Kochs are in the process of buying the democratic, political system. They are a “front” company in the sense that they are allowing themselves to be identified, more directly, with this “purchasing process.”

Their plan is presented below.

First, they have founded or they have funded a number of “think tanks” (for example, the Cato Institute was founded by Edward H. Crane and Charles D. Koch in 1977). The “tanks” generate strategies and tactics in how to neutralize and in how to assimilate the democratic, political structure. Second, they “contribute” to the campaign funds of selected politicians (for example, George W. Bush) in order to generate decisions or laws they favor “their personal and business freedom.” The selected politicians are both on the state (for example, Richard D. Snyder) and federal (for example, Paul D. Ryan) levels. Third, they compensate, directly or indirectly, members of the judiciary to make performance decisions that help them with “their personal and business freedom” (for example, in the areas of environment, of safety, and of climate). And, fourth, they employ propaganda techniques (through a number of willing sub-contractors) to sell their points of view which are often illegal and which are often unethical and which are often immoral.

The Kochs feel that they are libertarians: that is, they feel that they are “supermen.” They mirror the attitudes of other, superior beings like themselves: Nietzsche, Stalin, Hitler, and the “mass murderer” Mao Tse-tung (1893-1976).

More simply, the Kochs are “oligarchs” who believe in their own delusional superiority and their own distorted values.

Other than their father, the Kochs are a product of inherited money, and they are a product of acquired arrogance: they are truly “daddy’s little boys.”

Remember, these “superior” men are against “communism”, but they are for “oligarchy.” They are for “limited government”, but they are for governmental policies that favor only them. They are for a “constitutional republican”, political structure which is neither constitutional nor republican.

Fred C. Koch and his sons have become what they supposedly hated: they are members of a Party which is not much different than Stalin’s Communistic Party (1922-1953). Their assimilation must have happened as they were just “doing business” with other international “madmen.”

(Did Mr. Mary Robinson Koch know that her “boys” were going to place her name on a fuel tanker?)

In communism as in oligarchy, the many are ruled by the few. In communism as in oligarchy, the many are controlled by re-distributing their wealth. In communism as in oligarchy, the many’s personal and business freedoms are negated by the personal and business freedoms of the few. In communism as in oligarchy, the citizens are used, and they are discarded. And, in communism as in oligarchy, the very existence of the many is extinguished by the few.

To hell with the Kochs who are too egocentric and too ignorant to know that the communists and that the oligarchs are the same “madmen.”

(The many have known one fact from the beginning of their existence: the few are the few no matter what the political, social structure.)

Post Script:

The Guinness World Records (formally, the Guinness Book of World Records) was published, for the first time, on August 27, 1955.

The following, antidotal story is told about the Records’ beginnings:

On May 4, 1951, Hugh Beaver (He was the managing director of the Guinness Breweries at that point in time.) went on a hunting trip in the North Slob in County Wexford, Ireland. Beaver became involved in an argument with one of the members of the hunting party over which was the fastest game bird in Europe: the koshin golden plover or the grouse. That evening he attempted to research the dispute. In this research attempt, he discovered that there was no reference source to clarify this point.

This experience led him to the realization that publishing a “book of world records” may have some, limited market value. Thus, the idea of creating such a book was born. The Guinness World Records has been continuously published from 1955 to the present.

Apparently, Beaver underestimated the economic potential of such a work.

(Murder by government can be conceptualized as genocide, politicide, and mass murder. One “all inclusive” term for such governmental killing is “democide” [Death by Government, R. J. Rummel, 1994]. The “reasons” that individuals are killed are because of their group memberships and/or because of their lack of group membership. All these, murdering governments have oligarchic, social structures. And, such governments, as they corrupt, become, increasingly, deadly until they are destroyed, eventually, by the many.)

A listing for the all-time, democidal governments of the 20th Century is the following (which is based upon the Guinness World Records and upon Rommel’s Death by Government):

(1) Soviet Union (Stalin): over 62,000,000 million killed;

(2) China (Mao): over 35,000,000 million killed; and,

(3) Germany (Hitler): over 21,000,000 million killed.

The total killings are over 118,000,000!

This is how the “oligarchs” rule: they need and want to “feed” on the very existence of the many.

How many citizens will die if their “safety net” were destroyed by re-distributing the needed, program funds to the few? Indifference to the suffering and to the needs of the American many is just another form of “death by government.”

Within the United States of America, “indifferentocide” would kill how many citizens? Are Paul “Jacob’s island” Ryan and his Republican Party and other would be “oligarchs” listening?

To re-emphasize, the Kochs Brothers and the other “oligarchs” reflect the attitudes and the beliefs of democidal “supermen”: or maybe they are just too stupid and just too insulated to understand the reality implications of their extreme, egocentric, belief systems?

(Remember, inherited wealth is an impediment to intellectual development and to human empathy! And, “None but the brave”….will survive the oligarchic “madness” of the few if the many decide to do nothing.)


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