Two Mysteries The Nasca Lines

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Two Mysteries

The Nasca Lines
Have you ever heard of the Nasca lines? They are one of the great mysteries of the world. The Nasca lines are in Peru. The Nasca lines were carved on the desert floor. They are huge in size. In fact, it is impossible to guess what they are unless you fly over them.
Indeed, the first people to record discovering the Nasca lines were people flying in commercial airplanes in the 1920s.
If you do fly over the desert in an airplane, you will see many marvelous shapes. There are monkeys, spiders, whales, flowers, and many things that cannot be identified.
There is even one shape that looks like an alien. This makes some believe that the lines were made by aliens or to send a message to aliens who were flying above.
Other people believe the lines were used to mark out important underground sources of water.
No one is sure why the lines were made but recently archeologists discovered who built them. Archeologists discovered a lost city called Cahuachi. People originally built the city about 2000 years ago and then abandoned the city 500 years ago. The people from this city built the Nasca lines.

Easter Island
Easter Island is out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. That island is totally isolated; it is over 3000 km from other areas of land. It is called Easter Island because European explorers first discovered it on Easter Day in 1722.
Even though Easter Island is isolated, it contains one of the greatest mysteries of the world: the Moai statues.
The Moai statues are large rock statues carved by an ancient people that inhabited the island. The statues look like human faces. They weigh about 14 tons. There are about 900 statues around the island.

No one is sure why the islanders made the statues.

Of course there are many theories- some ridiculous and some reasonable. For example, some people think the statues were built by aliens. Others think they were built for religious reasons.
We may never know why they were built because the civilization that built them died out long ago. Why they died out is a still debated but one theory is that they used up all of the island’s resources. The island once had forests everywhere, but all of the trees were eventually cut down. Without the trees they could not make the boats they needed for fishing and survival.

Nasca Lines
What is the article about?
Where are the Nasca lines?
Where are the lines carved?
How were they discovered?
What kinds of shapes are there in the desert?
What does one shape look like?
What do some people believe about the lines?
What do other people believe?
What did archeologists discover recently?
Who lived in this lost city?
When was the city built?
When was the city abandoned?

Easter Island
What does the article talk about?
Where is Easter Island?
What mystery is located on Easter Island?
How many statues are there?
How much do they weigh?
Why did they build the statues?
What are two theories about why the statues were built?


What happened to the civilization that built the statues?
According to one theory, why did the civilization that built the statues die?

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