Two Lady Rams- mulk Raj Anand Bird’s-eye view

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Two Lady Rams
Latin Influence on Old English, Two Lady Rams


Sakuntala was the second wife of Lalla Jhinda Ram. In comparison to first Lady Ram, Sakuntala was younger, a twenty-five-year-old woman. Though there was a fight between the two Lady Rams, Sakuntala regarded Sukhi as a mother-in-law to some extent and has been fairly respectful to her.

Condition of women

Though it seemed two Lady Rams enjoyed an equal status but it was Sukhi who was discriminated among them. Her worth as a human being was determined on the basis of her ability to procreate. As it was discovered that she was barren, her worth began to lessen in front of her husband’s eyes and he married another wife. She later had considered her husband’s second marriage was only for the continuation of the race.

Even the background of Sakuntala also raised some questions. Sakuntala had married Jhinda Ram who was much elder than her since Sukhi was double her age. Moreover, he was already a married man. She could have rejected him. From a statement of Sukhi, it was clear that Sakuntala did not bring anything from her home in the name of dowry whereas Sukhi brought a lakh of rupees from her maternal home. Therefore the probable reason for marrying an old, married man was a compulsion. For her marrying a rich man could be an avenue to climb on the social ladder.

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