Two Lady Rams- mulk Raj Anand Bird’s-eye view

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Two Lady Rams
Latin Influence on Old English, Two Lady Rams

At the Garden Party

When both wives discovered that they had been tricked, the clever driver took charge of them and Sir Jhinda, pushed them into the car and they moved towards Government House. Luckily, there no unpleasant thing happened. In fact, Her Excellency complimented the two Lady Rams on their wonderful saris, and His Excellency bestowed the title of Knight to Sir Jhinda Ram. Since that day Sir Jhinda and the two Lady Rams had become an integral part of all ceremonial occasions in the capital.

Primary characters

Lalla Jhinda Ram

Jhinda Ram was the husband of two Lady Rams. He was a contractor by profession. He is five foot five tall and an obese man. He was the master of the house and an authoritative figure.

His relation with his servants is typical to that of master-servant. When his driver proposed him the solution to his dilemma, he could not openly appreciate him, and instead, he warned him not to intervene in his family matter.

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