Two Lady Rams- mulk Raj Anand Bird’s-eye view

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Two Lady Rams
Latin Influence on Old English, Two Lady Rams

The solution

When he reached his bungalow then the chauffeur asked to make a humble suggestion. He permitted him to speak, then the chauffeur suggested him to take both his wives to the party. Though Ram dismissed the driver’s simple idea by admonishing him to “mind your business,” but he believed that it could be a simple solution to the complicated problem.

The only difficulty was the invitation card which was addressed only to Sir Jhinda and Lady Ram, not to the two Lady Rams. Therefore he altered the words to “The two Lady Rams”. Afterward, he ordered the chauffeur to tell both spouses to get ready for the Garden Party. The driver told each of them separately that only one of the two Lady Rams was going to the garden party.

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