Twelve Years a Slave Notes pt. I who Was Solomon Northup?

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Twelve Years a Slave Notes PT. I
Who Was Solomon Northup?

  • 1808: Born in _____________________________

  • Son of former slave, Mintus Northup; Northup's mother is unknown.

  • ______________: Married Anne Hampton, a free black woman.

  • They had three children.

  • Solomon was a ______________________, a rafter on the Lake Champlain Canal, and a popular local fiddler.

What Happened to Solomon Northup?

  • Met _______________________________________ who said they needed a fiddler for engagements in Washington, D.C. Traveled south with the two men.

    • Didn't tell ______________________ where he was going (she was out of town); he expected to be back by the time his family returned.

    • ___________________________________ during an evening of social drinking in Washington, D.C.

    • ___________________________; he was taken to his room where the two men robbed him and took his free papers; he vaguely remembered the transfer from the hotel but passed out.

  • Awoke in __________________ in a "_______________________" in Washington, D.C., owned by infamous slave dealer, Birch. (Note: a slave pen was where slaves were warehoused before being transported to market)

  • Transported by sea with other slaves to the _________________________ slave market.

  • Sold first to William Prince Ford, a ____________________________________ owner.

  • Ford treated Northup with respect due to Northup's many skills, business acumen and initiative.

  • After six months Ford, needing _________________, sold Northup to Edwin Epps.

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