Tutorial 1 in the A4-size paper note: all tutorial questions from tutorial 1 – tutorial 4

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Tutorial 1

(Problem Set: Chapter 1

-Wen Wang (William). All rights reserved.

Business School, Shanghai Dianji University, China

Students are demanded to complete tutorial 1 in the A4-size paper (note: all tutorial questions from tutorial 1 – tutorial 4 must be binding together and submitted to lecturer for recording purpose on Duifene platform by 13th Dec 2021). Please kindly notify the answer to specified tutorial questions takes 30% of the final score (any single tutorial is not submitted will cost you 7.5% of the final score).

Question 1Differentiation (Revision)

Find the first and second derivatives of 𝑦 = 𝑥5/3 − 5𝑥2/3

Question 2: Applications of Derivatives in Games of Strategy (Revision)

Determine the local extreme value(s) of function 𝑦 = 𝑥3 − 3𝑥 + 3, check whether the obtained value(s) is local maximum or local minimum.

Download 168.47 Kb.

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