Turnus and the Rutulians, Marries Lavinia

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Early Roman History (PRE-Ab Urbe Condita)

  • Aeneas arrives in Italy, Founds the Roman Race, Defeats Turnus and the Rutulians, Marries Lavinia, daughter of king Latinus, founds Lavinium

  • Son Ascanius founds city Alba Longa (succeeded by his step brother Aeneas Silvius)

  • Descendants Numitor and Aemulius in Alba Longa; Aemulius overthrows Numitor ; Daughter of Numitor, Rhea Silvia, made a Vestal Virgin

  • Mars rapes Rhea Silvia, twin sons set afloat in Tiber

  • Found by She-wolf, then by shepherd Faustulus and wife Acca Laurentia; Raised and then avenges grandfather; overthrows Aemulius and restores Numitor

Ab Urbe Condita

  • April 12, 753 BC. Romulus and Remus begin to found own city

  • Romulus kills Remus (1 of two stories – vulture sighting on hills or Remus “invasion”)

1. Romulus first king of Rome

Rape of the Sabines (Titus Tatius and Tarpeia) Mettius Curtius rides into the ground

Romulus becomes Quirinus (wife Hersilia becomes Hora)

2. Numa Pompiliusreligion

3. Tullus Hostilius – destruction and incorporation of Alba Longa

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