Turning everything to one's own advantage

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Turning everything to one's own advantage
During the World War 1 and 2 eras, there were two big genocides Rape of Nanking in China and the Holocaust in Germany. Today we need to see those events from both the victims' side and the perpetrators' side not just from one side. The Nazi killed millions of Jews in Germany, Japanese soldiers killed, raped and looted in China. The leaders of the both countries had absolute power. They came to the power during the world wide depression. Adolf Hitler became chancellor of Germany with careful laid plans in 1933. Hirohito , the 25 year old Emperor of Japan inherited power under a system where the Emperor of Japan was divine. Germany and Japan formed an alliance. Both countries had expanded their territory with their military strength all over the world in those years. At that time the Emperor of Japan was considered a living God. Japan invaded planning to exploit their resources to improve the depresses Japanese economy. Both countries violated basic human rights by them. German did it legally by changing laws to make legal and Japan did it illegally.

Special japanese army was called units 731, performed on unlawful

As known kamikaze pilots who did suicide attack to Japanese enemies without hesitating for Japan and the Emperor of Japan.

I can see that seeds of Rape of Nanking from not only Chinese side and also Japanese side. I need to see both of point of views why that happened and for what ? those reasons were plied up to make happen
There were complicate background between China and Japan. Let's start see from Manchuria incident it was beginning point of 15 years war (1931-1945)which stands for Manchuria incident, Rape of Nanking and Second Shino-Japan war.

Japanese Emperor Hirohito was a dictator like Adolf Hitler in the same era.

There is Japanese famous phrase which ignorant captain is worser than the enemies. Japanese people could not have choice to follow

Japanese Emperor Hirohito was a dictator like Adolf Hitler in the same era.

Japanese people had worshiped the Japanese Emperor as the God over 1,000 with despotic state. Still Japanese Emperor is Japanese symbol as a Japanese person and but now they do not have authority same as before World War 2. Before World War 2, Japan had not been defeated by any countries even western countries that helped to make Japanese people believe what Japanese emperor did during the war.
Japanese had a slogan was 尊王攘夷(sonnou jyoui) which stands for the principle of advocating reverence for the Emperor and the expulsion of foreigners in Japanese, the slogan have been affected by western countries and then the slogan turn into 富国強兵 (fukokukyouhei) which stands for the wealth and military of a country.And Japanese people had been taught that Emperor of Japan was the God since they were children, and they could have pleased to die for Emperor of Japan.
Incomplete plan to advanced toward Nanking
most cruel thing was human experimentation and they used bacteriological weapon during the war time.

731 units was special Japanese the Special Forces. The did experiment on humans body and used chemical weapon to Chinese American Mongolian and Russian people in China by order of Emperor of Japan. At the outbreak of the Wusung-shanghai campaign on August 13, 1937, the Japanese army used poison gas against Chinese troops. In the succeeding eight years of war, Japan had used poison gases 1,131 times in 14 Chinese provinces. Mr Makino was a member of the 731 units, he dissected prisoners of war while they were alive because he said "It was the order of the emperor, and the emperor was a god. I had no choice. If I had disobeyed I would have been killed." (25) End of the war the units 731 destroyed all the evidences and facility, and poisoned all prisons of war to delete connection between units 731 and the Emperor of Japan. After World War 2, Unit 731 ware not imposed any sins by the American government, which wanted their report of the experiment which units 731 ad done, In the autumn of 1945, General MacArthur granted immunity to members of the Units 731 in exchange for research data on biological warfare. Even using chemical weapon was not allowed in the war by international law.

Japan was first Asian country to defeat Western country. Japan had never been defeated by any countries till World War 2, so Japanese could not imagine to be defeated any countries. And after Japan defeated oppose countries usually get a lot of money as compensation. But in the case of Russo-Japanese War in 1904, Japan defeated Russia . Japan expected Russian compensation to reduce a huge debt incurred during the war. And then In 1905 Japan and Russian signed in Treaty of Portsmouth. Japan did not get any compensation from the treaty even though Japan spent a lot of money which was four times of Japanese nation badger for the war. This was not as Japanese expected. Japan could not get any money instead of the money Japan got authorities and interest of Korean and South parts of Manchuria where was homeland of Qing (清) Emperor who was last ruling Chinese dynasty (1644-1912) in west of north of north Korea, privilege of Manchuria railway, and mining concession of Manchuria around the railway.Those were just transferred to Japan from Russia. And then Shina (支那) which is known as China today against Qing consent with the treaty, during those year in China there was civil war 支那 (Shina) versus Qing 清 . That means 100.000 japanese solider died for the war, and spent Japanese nation debt of 20,000,000 dollars to get a part south parts of Manchuria and Korea.
Because of that Japanese economy grew worth and also in early 20th centuries there was The Great Depression, that also had affected Japanese economy.

After World War, In 1919 Paris Peace Conference, United State, French, England, Italy and Japan were victorious nations of World War 1. Japan's proposal of amending a "racial equality clause" to the covenant of the League of Nations was rejected by the United States, Britain and Australia, even one time it was approved by majority vote.

After Paris Peace Conference, Japan have noticed and understood that Japan was not strong as western countries.

in 1923 the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 help Japanese economy to go worse and worse. But end of 1920' Finally Japan's economic had boomed but before the Great Depression, Japan's economic grew worth again. By 1930 half of japanese factory were idle. And desperate poor families sold their daughters into prostitution in order to survive. (Chang, 25) Obviously at that time, there were not enough resources and materials such as supply of iron and coal to sustain Japanese desired development in Japan. Moreover Japanese population expanded in early 20th centuries. Japan is small island so there were not enough resources to treat themselves even today.

Japan has been counting on other countries.
Eventually Japan used Manchuria incident to find a way out of the depression. Manchuria incident was planed to invade whole Manchuria to get their resources for Japanese interest. Manchuria incident happened in Manchuria in 1931. Japanese Kantou army which one of Japanese imperial army was stationed in Manchuria dynamited the Manchurian railway by themselves. But Japanese Kantou army reported that Chinese army dynamited the railway to Japanese government. So Japanese Kantou army concluded that Chinese army did subversive activities on the railway.That was false flag operation. In order to protect the interest and people Japanese residents abroad from Chinese army so after the Japanese Kantou army arbitrarily invaded to China without waiting for Japanese government's consent (21). Finally The Empire of Japan used the excuse to occupy whole Manchuria in five month.
Manchuria incident was beginning point invasion of Japan in China. After Manchuria incident,
Japan wanted Manchuria to declare independence under control of Japan for Japanese interest to prepare for strength of military war In order to build up strength of Japanese nation.

And also Japan had been investing a lot on money to build up South Manchuria for Japanese intreats. and acquire their resources and industrialize Manchuria for japanese wealth. And then in 1932, Japan founded Manchukuo in Manchuria and Japan return royal authority to Qing Emperor for Manchukuo.for that reason, at the era the major powers of Europe were reluctant to allow Japan to share in their exploitation of China (20) and Japan counted on United State for petroleum. the United States and Great Britain which reacted with an oil boycott.

Rape on Nanking is known as Japanese imperial army killed, raped, and rooted Chinese people in Nanking for six weeks. It is told, Imperial Japanese Army killed more than three hundred thousand civilians raped eighty thousand. There were many reasons of the event so We carefully need to see those from Japanese perspective and Chinese perspective. Sometimes existence Rape of Nanking are denied. in 1937, the second Sino-Japanese War broke out. Imperial Japanese army invaded Shanghai.the Japanese air force bombarded Shanghai in order to protect Japanese residents from anti Japanese movements.(23) But the Imperial Japanese Army generals may have underestimated the Chinese and Japanese imperial army spent many supplies and time more than they expected, Japanese Army Headquarters to push the Chinese soldiers to Nanking. (1) In December 1937 Japanese imperial army got Nanking, the army did not have much supplies even to treat themselves and then that led them loot Chinese civilians' supply, therefor Chinese soldiers also conducted to burn huge areas to deny the advancing Japanese troops any supplies.(24) Japanese soldiers burned their houses. The Japanese army struggled with Chinese soldiers and civilians because of Chinese solider wore civilian's clothing so Imperial Japanese Army had hard time to figure out whether Chinese civilian were soldiers or not. so plainclothes Chinese soldiers led to killing prison of war (POW) as well as ordinary people. Chinese soldiers hide civilian's homes to attack Japanese soldiers. Japanese often burned houses and villages to take away Chinese plainclothes soldiers of their staging bases. As mentioned at that time Japan' economic was depression so Japan did not have money and supply to take care of the refugees and POW even Japanese people. The Japanese army were afraid of Chinese refugees and POW had possibility to turn into Japanese enemy. Moreover. And Japan had signed Hague Conventions which protect prison of war during the war but it was not enough clear to define between refugees and POW in the case. So Japanese could take both way to kill Chinese people or not by the conventions. For those reason they took cruel way to manage that problem. Finally head of Imperial Japanese Army order was "KILL ALL CAPTIVES". Finally Chinese army left chinese civilians who were poor people did not have money and relatives to escape from Nanking and head of Chinese soldiers knew that was problem of time to be overwhelmed Nanking by Japanese army. After that Chinese army never come back to help them. Moreover, Japan signed Hague Conventions which protect prison of war during the war was not enough clear to define about refugees and POW. Japanese could take both way to kill Chinese people.

 Japan hired women who were poor people and were from occupied country by Japan such Korea, and Philippine, also Chinese women in China but there were not enough comfort-women to maintain Japanese soldiers' sexual desire, that led Japanese army to rape Chinese women and young ladies.

We can see that plotless plan, unexpected events, lack of supplies, depression oil boycott and Emperor of Japan led imperial Japanese army to kill, rape Chines people and tool. Japanese economy was about to fall. Japan speeded the Invasion of China in order to avoid to be failed and catch up them with military power same as western countries because Japan was powerless to urge another countries and do what they wanted because they could not do Paris Peace Conference. Japan took barbarian way there were no much choices to figure it out . In japan there were not enough resources to take care of themselves
There not much choices to escape from bad times. Japan could not get enough resources in Japan so Japan counted on another countries to get resources even though now but at that time some resources were limited by western ountries. Japan used invasion to the world to develop country and get strength of Japan.

As result, I framed some hypothesis to prevent Rape of Nanking from my perspective. Top head of group should have fine character and have responsibility of what he or she and they did. The Emperor of Japan is not elected , chosen and asked to be the Emperor of Japan. when present the Emperor of Japan resign and then the Crown of Prince of Emperor of Japan automatically become the Emperor of Japan who has absolute power. I define the system on The Emperor is problem. It did not matter how smart, educated, old, naive, and respectable.

that is problem. Japanese people undoubtedly did as the Emperor of Japan. Adolf Hitler at least was elected. That is why, I do not strongly blame Showa Emperor, he also could not have any choices. When he became the Emperor of Japan, he was just twenty-five years. Suddenly he got the authority. He could do whatever he wanted and Japanese minister of state takes responsibility for the Emperor of Japan by the Constitution of the Empire of Japan (Meiji Constitution). Japanese government or some country should have forced to abolish system of succession of Japan of Emperor in early time. In 1946, finally Emperor of Japan became a human from a living God by Humanity Declaration and Showa Emperor It think it was too late. so that should have happened more early time.

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