Tulare County Historical Society Publications Index Los Tulares 1948-2013

Appendix VI - Geographic Features of Tulare Co, referenced in TCHS publications

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Appendix VI - Geographic Features of Tulare Co, referenced in TCHS publications

Bull Run Basin

Center Basin

Converse Basin

Indian Basin

Six Lakes Basin

Walker’s Basin

Ant Canyon

Atwood Canyon

Big Petroglyph Canyon

Bone Canyon

Buck Canyon

Cedar Canyon

Chickencoop Canyon

Cloudy Canyon

Coffee Canyon

Coffeepot Canyon

Cove Canyon

Dark Canyon

Deadman Canyon

Devil’s Canyon

Flynn Canyon

Forgotten Canyon

Franklin Canyon

Grouse Canyon

Horse Canyon

Kennedy Canyon

Kern Canyon

Lake Canyon

Lone Pine Canyon

Manzanita Canyon

Mokelumne Canyon

Nine-Mile Canyon

Peck’s Canyon

Pleasant Canyon

Redwood Canyon

Sacatar Canyon

Sagebrush Canyon `

Siphon Canyon

South Fork Canyon

Stewart Canyon

Tokapah Canyon

Wilcox Canyon

Wild Rose Canyon

Yellow Jacket Canyon


Clough Cave

Crystal Cave

Galena Cave

Haughton’s Cave

Palmer Cave

Paradise Cave


Bell Cove

Britten Cove

Cabin Cove

Deer Cove

Homer Cove

Sunny Cove


Bald Dome

Church Dome

Fairview Dome

Teapot Dome

Adams Flat

Alkali Flat

Bear Flat

Big Oak Flat

Burro Flat

Cain Flat

Calvary Flat

Cherokee Flat

Chico Flats

Coburn Flat

Coy Creek Flat

Cutler Flat

Dutch Flat

Epperson Flat

Fox Flat

Frame Flat

Francis Flat

Guyot Flat

Hospital Flat

Jackass Flats

Little Oak Flat

Meadows Flat

Mill Flat

Morton Flat

Oak Flat

Parker Flat

Persian Flat

Pine Flat

Posey Flat

Sampson Flat

Sand Flat

Sheep Creek Flat

Soldier’s Flat

Telegraph Flat

Texas Flat

Whiskey Flat

White Sage Flat


Allen’s Gap

Devil’s Gap

Dunnegan’s Gap

Farewell Gap

Happy Gap

Sand Creek Gap

Sycamore Gap

Tar Gap

Timber Gap

Windy Gap


Buckeye Gulch

Coarsegold Gulch

Coho Gulch

Fine Gold Gulch

Five Gulch

Gordon Gulch

Greenhorn Gulch

Grizzly Gulch

Grub Gulch

Keyes Gulch

Rich Gulch

Tucker Gulch


Babcock’s Hill

Bacon Hill

Badger Hill

Bagby Hill

Bear’s Head Hill

Bonsall Hill

Champagne Hill

Cherry Hill

Colony Hill

Cottontail Hill

D” Hill

Daffodil Hill

Eclipse Hill

Elmo Hill

Exeter Rocky Hill

Fly’s Home Hill

Goat Hill

Kreyenhagan Hill

Kwieipso Hill

Lime Kiln Hill

Lone Hill

Martin Hill

Mokelumne Hill

Monument Hill

Porterville Rocky Hill

Red Hill

River Hill

Scenic Hill

Sharktooth Hill

Sleeping Bear Hill

Stark Hill

Sunnyside Hill

Tout’s Hill

Uhl Hill

Venice Hill

Wutchumna Hill


Cleveland’s Hole

Coyote Holes

East Potholes


Weasel’s Hole

Atwell Island

Grand Island

Kern Island

Makin Island

Pelican Island

River Island

Skull Island

Elephant Knob

Granite Knobs

Tennessee Knob


Albanita Meadows

Anderson Meadow

Asa Meadow

Back Meadows

Bake Oven Meadows

Bear Creek Meadow

Bearpaw Meadow

Bearskin Meadow

Beck Meadows

Big Dry Meadows

Big Meadows

Big Pine Meadow

Broder Meadow

Brownie Meadow

Burnt Corral Meadow

Cabin Meadow

Cahoon Meadow

Calhoon Meadows

Cannell Meadow

Casa Vieja Meadow

Chimney Meadow

Circle Meadow

Clover Meadow

Coffee Mill Meadow

Cold Meadows

Corral Meadow

Cramer Meadow

Crescent Meadow

Cyclamen Meadow

Danner Meadow

Dead Horse Meadow

Dinkey Meadows

Doe Meadows

Dogwood Meadow

Dry Creek Meadows

Dry Meadows

Dunlap Meadows

Ellis Meadow

Fish Creek Meadow

Fox Meadows

French Joe Meadow

Frog Meadow

Fry Pan Meadows

Funston Meadows

Green Meadow

Grey Meadow

Groundhog Meadow

Hitchcock Meadows

Hockett Meadows

Jerkey Meadow

Kaweah Meadows

Kennedy Meadows

Lion Meadow

Little Whitney Meadows

Long Meadow

Loyd Meadow

Manor Meadows

Manter Meadow

Mehrten Meadows

Monache Meadows

Mosquito Meadow

Mulkey Meadows

Onion Meadows

Peppermint Meadows

Poison Meadow

Ramshaw Meadow

Redwood Meadow

Ross Meadows

Round Meadow

Rowel Meadows

Scaffold Meadows

Strawberry Meadow

Templeton Meadows

Tiger Meadow

Trout Meadow

Tunnel Meadows

Tuohy Meadows

Tuolumne Meadow

White’s Meadow

Whitney Meadows

Wildman Meadow

Williams Meadow

Willow Meadow

Woodpecker Meadow


Alta Sierra

Angel’s Wings

Camel Back

Cape Horn

Carquinez Strait

Castle Crags

Cedar Slope

Day’s Needle

Devil’s Backbone

Devil’s Den

Devil’s Kitchen

Devil’s Ladder

Devil’s Slide

Devil’s Thumb

Diamond Mesa

Eagle Hotel Chute

Elephant’s Back

Elk Bayou

Glacier Pond

Haskell’s Bluff

Hog’s Backbone

Homer’s Nose

Hungry Hollow

Milestone Bowl

Red Hill Summit

Twin Buttes


Angora Mountain

Ash Mountain

Ash Spring Mountain

Bald Mountain

Barnard Mountain

Battle Mountain

Bear Mountain

Bella Vista Table Mntn

Big Baldy Mountain

Black Kaweah Mountain

Black Mountain

Blackrock Mountain

Blue Mountain

Bradley Mountain

Brewer, Mt

Brown Mountain

Cahoon Mountain

Campbell Mountain

Cardinal Mountain

Carillon Mountain

Cartago Mountain

Case Mountain

Chisel Mountain

Clark, Mt

Colvin Mountain

Conners, Mt

Corcoran Mountain

Cow Creek Mountain

Cow Mountain

Cuidado Mountain

Curtis Mountain

Dana, Mt

Davis Mountain

Deer Mountain

Deerhorn Mountain

Dennison Mountain

Ericson Mountain

Galley Mountain

Genevra Mountain

Gibbs, Mt

Greenhorn Mountain

Hamilton, Mt

Hitchcock Mountain

Hoffman, Mt

Horn Mountain

Joseph, Mt

Kaweah, Mt

Langley, Mt

Lyell, Mt

Maggie Mountain

Moses, Mt

Mount Whitney

Oat Mountain

Owl Mountain

Pine Mountain

Quido Mountain

Red Mountain

Redwood Mountain

Shadequarter Mountain

Silliman, Mt

Silver Mountain

Smith Mountain

Stokes Mountain

Sugar Loaf Mountain

Swede Mountain

Tenaya, Mt

Tucker Mountain

Tyndall, Mt

Wilson, Mt


Army Pass

Bake Oven Pass

Blackrock Pass

Bull Run Pass

Cajon Pass

Cliff Pass

Colby Pass

Cottonwood Pass

Coyote Pass

Ebbett’s Pass

Elizabeth Pass

Forester Pass

Franklin Pass

Glacier Pass

Kearsarge Pass

Kennedy Pass

Marvin Pass

Mather Pass

Mojave Trail Pass

Oak Creek Pass

Old Timer’s Pass

Siberian Pass

Walker’s Pass


Alta Peak

Blossom Peak

Buck Peak

Buena Vista Peak

Burnt Peak

Buttonwillow Peak

Cannell Peak

Center Peak

Chimney Peak

Cirque Peak

Cliff Peak

Cold Spring Peak

Corn Jack Peak

Coyote Peak

Dougherty Peak

Eagle Scout Peak

Ellis Peak

Eshom Peak

Fisherman’s Peak

Florence Peak

Gibbons Peak

Goldstein Peak

Grapevine Peak

Grouse Peak

Hatchet Peak

Hengst Peak

Hockett Peak

Jordan Peak

Lindsay Peak

Monache Peak

Trail Peak


Bighorn Plateau

Boreal Plateau

Milestone Plateau

Shagoopa Plateau

Admiration Point

Baker Point

Barton Point

Bobcat Point

Cactus Point

Colvin’s Point

Eagle View Point

Echo Point

Eleven Range Point

Flagstaff Point

Fry’s Point

Glacier Point

Inspection Point

Look-Out Point

McKay’s Point

Wolverton Point


Big Baldy Ridge

Blue Ridge

Burnt Ridge

Deer Ridge

Hoist Ridge

Log Ridge

Logger Point Ridge

Pine Ridge

Speas Ridge


Balance Rock

Beetle Rock

Buck Rock

Cahoon Rock

Capitol Rock

Castle Rocks

Comb Rock

Coral Rock

Finger Rock

Frog Rock

Glenn Rock

Grey Rocks

Hospital Rock

Moro Rock

Needle Rocks

Pattee Rocks

Red Rock

Register Rock

Snail Head Rock

Swallow Rock

Tower Rocks

Volcano Rock


Badger Saddle

Comstock Saddle

Dead Mule Saddle

El Capinero Saddle

Fir Camp Saddle

Pursell’s Saddle

Antelope Valley

Drumm Valley

Eshom Valley

Frazier Valley

Grouse Valley

Hot Spring Valley

Linn’s Valley

North Fork Valley

Pajaro Valley

Pleasant Valley

Priest Valley

Round Valley

Stokes Valley

Success Valley

Appendix VII – Bodies of Water in Tulare County, referenced in TCHS publications

Antelope Creek

Arrastre Creek

Avenal Creek

Backbone Creek

Barton Creek

Battle Creek

Beach Creek

Bear Creek

Bear Trap Creek

Belknap Creek

Bennett Creek

Big Creek

Big Dry Creek

Big Pine Creek

Bitter Creek

Blue Creek

Bond Creek

Bone Creek

Bonita Creek

Boulder Creek

Brewer Creek

Brush Creek

Bubbs Creek

Bull Run Creek

Bush Creek

Cabin Creek

Cahoon Creek

Caliente Creek

Cameron Creek

Campbell Creek

Cannell Creek

Capinero Creek

Carroll Creek

Castle Creek

Cave Creek

Cedar Creek

Chilaney Creek

Chilean Creek

Chimney Creek

Cinnamon Creek

Clear Creek

Click’s Creek

Clover Creek

Coho Creek

Cold Creek

Collier Creek

Copper Creek

Corrall Creek

Cotton Creek

Cottonwood Creek

Cow Creek

Cory Creek

Coyote Creek

Crabtree Creek

Crawford Creek

Crescent Creek

Cross Creek

Deep Creek

Deer Creek

Dinkey Creek

Dome Creek

Dorst Ceek

Dry Creek

Dry Valley Creek

Durrwood Creek

Eagle Creek

Eagle Scout Creek

Elder Creek

Elicon Bay

Eshom Creek

Fancher Creek

Fay Creek

Ferguson Creek

Fish Creek

Five Dogs Creek

Flapjack Creek

Franklin Creek

Freeman Creek

Frog Creek

Funston Creek

Furnace Creek

Galena Creek

Garfield Creek

Gibbons Creek

Givens Canyon Creek

Gold Ledge Creek

Golden Trout Creek

Gordon Creek

Granite Creek

Grapevine Creek

Greasy Creek

Grouse Creek

Grunigan Creek

Guyot Creek

Horse Creek

Hossack Creek

Jennie Creek

Kessing Creek

Laurel Creek

Lewis Creek

Lime Kiln Creek

Lipsey Creek

Milestone Creek

Mill Creek

Mountaineer Creek

Mule Creek

Negro Creek

Nigger Creek

Outside Creek

Packwood Creek

Palisade Creek

Posey Creek

Pumpkin Creek

Rancherie Creek

Rattlesnake Creek

Redwood Creek

Rifle Creek

Rock Creek

Ross Creek

Salmon Creek

Salt Creek

Sand Creek

Sequoia Creek

Shipe Creek

Silver Creek

Soda Creek

South Creek

Sycamore Creek

Tamarack Creek

Ten-Mile Creek

Trout Meadow Creek

Tyler Creek

Van Gordon Creek

Woodward Creek

Yokohl Creek

Yucca Creek


Amphitheatre Lake

Ansel Lake

Arctic Lake

Aster Lake

Avocado Lake

Bench Lake

Beville Lake

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