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Yokohl Creek #64 3-1965 p 1

#175 3-1992 p 3

Yokohl Indians #34 3-1958 p 3

#35 5-1958 p 1

#65 6-1965 p 1

#113 3-1977 p 2*

#201 9-1998 p 4

Yokohl Mystery Markers #113 3-1977 p 1-2*

#114 6-1977 p 4*

Yokohl Post Office #65 6-1965 p 1

#223 12-2003 p 3

Yokohl School #65 6-1965 p 3*

#114 6-1977 p 4

#122 3-1979 p 2

#178 12-1992 p 8

#184 6-1994 p 3*

#248 3-2010 p 7

Yokohl Valley

airplane crash #167 3-1990 p 5

arrastre on Gill Ranch #44 6-1960 p 4

arrastre on Mehrten Ranch #25 12-1955 p 4

bear attack #158 12-1987 p 3

Duncan, WT, memories of #122 3-1979 p 2

history of #65 6-1965 p 1-3*

Lewis, Manuel, sheepherder #80 3-1969 p 3

Myer, Henry, murder of #259 12-2012 p 2

Mystery Markers #113 3-1977 p 1-2

oil drilling #155 3-1987 p 7

TCHS bus tour of #248 3-2010 p 7*

Yokuts Indians

Basketry #4 10-1949 p 4-5

#209 9-2000 p 4-5

basketweavers #32 9-1957 p 3

customs of #156 6-1987 p 2

dwellings, style of #107 9-1975 p 1*

Ely, Joe #113 3-1977 p 2, 4

in Eshom Valley #182 12-1993 p 4

Exeter Rocky Hill #172 6-1991 p 6

Fremont Trail, first users of #39 3-1959 p 1

Ghost Dance #13 12-1952 p 2

#14 3-1953 p 2

Handbook of Yokuts Indians #5 3-1950 p 4

Kaweah Oaks Preserve #140 9-1983 p 1

mineral baths #199 3-1998 p 6

subtribes near Tulare #208 6-2000 p 5

tribe, prominent members of #119 9-1978 p 3

Tule River Indian War #68 3-1966 p 1-2, 4

Yokuts and Western Mono Ethnography (AH Gayton) #140 9-1983 p 1

Yorde, Don #153 9-1986 p 5*

Yorde, Paul #153 9-1986 p 5

Yorkes, Isaac #38 12-1958 p 2


cavalry troops #40 6-1959 p 1

Muir, John #88 1-1971 p 2

Savage, James, discovery by #5 3-1950 p 1

Simpson, Clyde, surveyed by #101 3-1974 p 2

Sweet, Adolph, visit by #7 3-1951 p 1-5

visit, 1851 #182 12-1993 p 1-2

visit, 1890 #183 3-1994 p 1-3*

Yosemite Falls #183 3-1994 p 2

Yosemite Indians #82 9-1969 p 2

#182 12-1993 p 1-2

Yosemite Lumber Co #141 12-1983 p 4

Yosemite Natural History Association #9 11-1951 p 5

Yosemite Stage #183 3-1994 p 2

#209 9-2000 p 3

Young America Minstrel Troupe #114 6-1977 p 1

Young, Arthur #6 10-1950 p 6

Young, Billy #27 6-1956 p 2

Young, Blanche Hardin #194 12-1996 p 6

Young, Captain #40 6-1959 p 1-3

Young, Charles #108 12-1975 p 1

Newsletter Vol II p 40

Young, Dave #32 9-1957 p 1

Young, Dorothy #173 9-1991 p 2

Young, Ewing #5 3-1950 p 1

#35 5-1958 p 1

Young, George #151 3-1986 p 5

Young, Ira #214 12-2001 p 3

Young, JW #6 10-1950 p 6

Young, James A #3 4-1949 p 2, 5

Young, James H #4 10-1949 p 2, 5

Young, J.N. “Newt” #250 9-2010 p 5

Young, John #136 9-1982 p 2

Young Men’s Christian Association #58 9-1963 p 2

#102 6-1974 p 4

#128 9-1980 p 3

#153 9-1986 p 8

#157 9-1987 p 7

Young, RA #178 12-1992 p 6

Young, Warren J #214 12-2001 p 2-3

Young, William H #3 4-1949 p 4

#55 12-1962 p 3

Young, Zeb #132 9-1981 p 3

Yountville, CA #175 3-1992 p 5

Yow, Chung #52 6-1962 p 3

Yowlumne Indians #4 10-1949 p 3

#34 3-1958 p 4

Yuba Railroad #193 9-1996 p 5

Yucca Creek #78 9-1968 p 2

#108 12-1975 p 1

#205 9-1999 p 4

Zack, Dave #212 6-2001 p 4

Zakian, Nazlou #154 12-1986 p 3

Zaldivia, Ruiz #5 3-1950 p 1

#16 9-1953 p 2

#35 5-1958 p 1

Zalud, Ed #160 6-1988 p 2

#161 9-1988 p 7

Zalud House (Porterville) #112 12-1976 p 3*

#116 12-1977 p 4

#169 9-1990 p 5

Zalud, John #160 6-1988 p 2

Zalud, Pearle #112 12-1976 p 3

Zaluds of Porterville (Jeff Edwards) #116 12-1977 p 4

Zamzow, Duane #152 6-1986 p 6

Zaniasaki, LS #136 9-1982 p 3

Zaninovich, Jack #51 3-1962 p 3*

#109 3-1976 p 2

#124 9-1979 p 4

#260 3-2013 p 2

Zante Station #85 6-1970 p 4

Zavattari, Bea #201 9-1998 p 11

#204 6-1999 p 7

#205 9-1999 p 5

#226 9-2004 p 3*

Zeck, Kenneth #163 3-1989 p 6*

#177 9-1992 p 5-6

Zeller, Gladys #165 9-1989 p 1*

Zeller, Sam #165 9-1989 p 1

Zermeno, Guadelupe #156 6-1987 p 3

Zerounian, James #154 12-1986 p 2

Ziegenbein, Dennis #216 6-2002 p 6

Ziegenbein, Sharon #216 6-2002 p 6

Ziegler, FA Newsletter Vol I p 60

Zimmerman, AJ Newsletter Vol I p 235

Zimmerman, Adolph #34 3-1958 p 4

Zimmerman, Bea “Aunt Bea” #27 6-1956 p 4

#157 9-1987 p 7

Zimmerman, Eleanor #157 9-1987 p 7

#259 12-2012 p 7

Zimmerman, HZ #129 12-1980 p 1

Zimmerman, Harry #136 9-1982 p 3

Zimmerman, Henry #155 3-1987 p 6

#157 9-1987 p 7

#202 12-1998 p 2

#203 3-1999 p 8

#259 12-2012 p 7

Zimmerman, John #102 6-1974 p 3

Zimmerman, Lloyd #157 9-1987 p 6-7

#198 12-1997 p 4

Zimmerman, Mattie Ann. See Hardaway, Mattie Ann Zimmerman

Zimmerman, Ruth #259 12-2012 p 7

Zion Shool #21 12-1954 p 4

#151 3-1986 p 4

Zonta Club #13 12-1952 p 2

Zumwalt, Al #95 9-1972 p 1

Zumwalt, Daniel K #55 12-1962 p 1

#72 3-1967 p 2

#91 9-1971 p 1

#170 12-1990 p 7

Newsletter Vol II p 80

Zumwalt, Elmo R #58 9-1963 p 3

#150 12-1985 p 6

#224 3-2004 p 2

Zumwalt, James B #16 9-1953 p 4

Zumwalt, John D #199 3-1998 p 1

Zumwalt, John Henry Newsletter Vol II p 75

Zumwalt, Mary Jane #199 3-1998 p 1

Zumwalt, Marcus Cicero “MC” #95 9-1972 p 1

#139 6-1983 p 2

#236 3-2007 p 1-2*

Zumwalt, Mrs. MC #56 3-1963 p 3

Zumwalt, Mrs. VPS #29 12-1956 p 1

Zyskind, Judith #258 9-2012 p 7
Appendix I - The First TCHS 1920-24

In 1920 Col. George Stewart, Visalia’s multi-faceted civic leader known as the “Father of Sequoia National Park”, began meeting informally with like-minded individuals to consider the lack of accurate historic record-keeping for Tulare County. Tulare County’s few living pioneers, he felt, had not been encouraged to provide written statements of their experiences and personal recollections of historic events. This dwindling group included those Indians lucky enough to remember the Valley as it was before the settlers arrived. Stewart desired that these pioneers, and those interested in the preservation of such historical material, form themselves into a Society for that purpose.

March 27, 1920 the first organizational meeting of the proposed Tulare County Historical Society was held at the Tulare County Courthouse, in the courtroom of Judge William B. Wallace. A set of by-laws were adopted, and the following directors were elected: Geo W. Stewart, President; A.H. Murray, Secretary; Mrs. Julia B. Knox; Mrs. W.S. Cairns; L.C. Hyde; Mrs. A.M. Timmons; Mrs. O.L. Flynn. Eleven committees were set up, each charged with gathering historic information of a particular category.

For a time the Society saw steady growth, with upwards of 250 paid members (annual dues were $1). But the membership and interest gradually declined until the Society disbanded around 1924. The small amount of scrapbooks, maps, and other items it had collected were turned over to the Tulare County Library.

Minutes of First Meeting

Pursuant to notice duly given, a meeting of those interested in the formation of the Tulare County Historical Society was held in the courtroom of Department Two of the Superior Court of Tulare County, California, on March 27th, 1920.

There were present at said meeting: Geo W. Stewart, W.B. Wallace, M.E. Power, A.H. Murray, H.D. Barton, and others whose names appear on the roll of membership.

At this meeting Geo W. Stewart was called to the chair, and A.H. Murray was requested to act as secretary.

Mr. Geo W. Stewart in the chair stated fully the objects and purposes of the meeting, and stated that the first business would be the adoption of a set of By Laws. Thereupon, on motion duly made, seconded and carried, a set of by lawswas adopted, a copy of which is contained in the by laws on file with the secretary.

Thereupon the chairman announced that the next business would be the election of a Board of Directors and other officers provided for in the by laws.

After due proceedings the following named officers were duly and regularly elected: Directors: Geo W. Stewart, Mrs. Julia B. Knox, Mrs. W.S. Cairns, A.H. Murray, L.C. Hyde, Mrs. A.M. Timmons, and Mrs. O.L. Flynn.

On motion of M.E. Power, seconded by D.W. Hildebrandt, it was ordered that the matter of dues and finance be referred to the Board of Directors. Tto be reported at next meeting: a plan of collection of dues.

Several interesting and entertaining talks were made by different members.

There being no further business, the meeting adjorned.
A.H. Murray Secy

Duties of Committees, as set forth in By Laws


It shall be the duty of members of the Committee on Membership to secure as many signers as possible to the bylaws of the Society from among those of all ages who are interested in the history of Tulare County.
Pioneers and Early Settlers:

Members of this Committee are requested to collect the names of all persons in their communities who came to Tulare County at any time up to 1860, in order that statements may be secured from them for preservation. Those who came after 1860 will be listed later.

Members are requested to ascertain the correct location of any notable place or object in their vicinity and secure information concerning same. Some important landmarks in Tulare County are the Election Tree, Fremont’s Ford on the Kaweah River, the location of Wood’s Cabin, and the battleground on Tule River. There are many others. The location and date of the first building in each town should be known.
Maps, Roads, and Trails

The location of the trails traveled by Indians, and roads and trails of the first white people should be correctly located, and early maps of the County and several towns secured.

This committee should gather Indian legends and vocabularies, and information concerning the habits of the Indians before the white man came, and their life afterward.
Natural History

The Natural History Committee should gather information concerning the natural animal and plant life in the County.

A list of all books, pamphlets, magazine articles, important circulars and folders relating to Tulare County should be made in each community, and copies secured or located, if possible. Two copies of each such publication obtainable is desired, one for reference and one for circulation.

Upon this Committee will devolve the duty of securing information concerning the dates of establishing the public schools of Tulare County, and full information concerning all private schools. At this time data regarding the earliest schools is desired, but information of all schools will be valuable, for what is new today will be old a few years hence.
Bench and Bar

The members of this Committee should prepare a list of all the judges and attorneys of Tulare County from the earliest days to the present time, and incidents concerning thoise of the earlier years will be appreciated.

The Committee on Music should secure the names of all the early music teachers in each community, the band leaders, music societies, etc, and make a list of the musical compositions of all who have at any time made Tulare County their home. It is desired that one or more copies of each such piece of music be collected for preservation and circulation.

The Committee on Churches will gather a complete history of the establishing of all religious congregations and the building of churches in each community. At this time it is desired that such information relating to the earliest days of the County be secured.

Membership Roster 1922

Abercrombie, L.L. Tulare

Adams, Mrs. MJ Ducor

Agnew, Mr. and Mrs. JB Visalia

Allen, JA Visalia

Anderson, Luther Porterville

Anderson, Mrs. William Visalia

Asbury, Mr and Mrs. Samuel Tulare

Askin, Mrs. Herbert Visalia
Balaam, Alfred Visalia

Barnett, Miss Carrie Visalia

Barton, Enos D Three Rivers

Barton, Hudson D Orosi

Barton, Jason Three Rivers

Bates, WA Dinuba

Bear, Samuel Selma

Becker, H.G. Visalia

Bequette, Miss Elizabeth Visalia

Bequette, Mr. & Mrs. Paschal Visalia

Birkhead, JN Tulare

Bollier, Mrs. JF Porterville

Bowman, Mrs. GW Tulare

Boyer, Mr. and Mrs. JT Visalia

Bradley, Mr. and Mrs. NO Visalia

Brey, HF Porterville

Broder, Robert Visalia

Brown, Mrs. Mary F. Visalia

Brundage, Frank Farmersville

Brundage, Oscar G. Farmersville

Burke, Miss Agnes Farmersville

Butcher, Mrs. Janet Angiola
Cairns, Mrs. Walter Lindsay

Carruthers, Mrs. Belle Tulare

Carter, Dave Visalia

Cartmill, Mr. and Mrs. WB Tulare

Charters, HA Tulare

Chatten, Mrs. Leah Visalia

Chatten, Mrs. R, Sr. Visalia

Chrisman, Ira Visalia

Clark, Isaac Visalia

Cloer, Mrs. Ellen Porterville

Clotfelter, Miss Myrtle Orosi

Coburn, Mr. and Mrs. Avon Tulare

Collins, John M Cutler

Colvin, Lon Visalia

Combs, Mrs. JE Visalia

Cramer, Mrs. C. Morey Strathmore

Crowley, Arthur Visalia

Cutler, Mr. and Mrs. A. Richard Visalia

Cutler, Mr. and Mrs. John Visalia

Cutler, Mr. and Mrs. LO Visalia
Davis, Phil W Woodlake

Davis, Tom Visalia

Dean, Willliam F Three Rivers

Deming, Mr. and Mrs. DR Visalia

Devericks, OB Woodville

Dewitt, E. Tulare

Dinuba Sentinel Dinuba

Douglass, David R. Visalia
Earhart, Mrs. Annie Dinuba

Eaton, Mrs. Jennie Visalia

Eldridge, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tulare

Elster, Mrs. Minnie Springville

Exeter Sun Exeter
Fay, Mr. and Mrs. Columbus Visalia

Featherstone, MS Visalia

Fewel, JE Visalia

Fisher, Mrs. James Visalia

Ferguson, AD Fresno

Fleming, George A San Jose

Follett, Mrs. JA Pixley

Ford, Henry Porterville

Fraser, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Dinuba

Fry, Walter Three Rivers

Fulgham, WJ Visalia
Gibson, Mrs. JF Visalia

Giddings, CJ Visalia

Gill, GQ Tulare

Gilmer, Rufus Visalia

Grant, AW Visalia
Hall, Tom Visalia

Hamilton, Fred Visalia

Hanson, Miss Margaret Visalia

Hardin, Mrs. Robert Klink

Hays, Mrs. Anna M Three Rivers

Hesse, Mrs. Katherine Tulare

Higgins, Mrs. OC Porterville

Higgins, WA Tulare

Hildebrandt, Dan W. Exeter

Hill, Theodore R. Lindsay

Hobbs, GG Dinuba

Holland, Mr. and Mrs. EW Tulare

Holley, Mr. and Mrs. Harry H. Visalia

Hopping, Mrs. Laura D Kaweah

Horsman, CE Visalia

Hough, Lawrence Hammond

Houston, Miss Thalia Visalia

Howell, Mrs. Della B. Porterville

Huse, EB Earlimart

Hyde, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Visalia
Johnson, J. Sublett Visalia

Johnston, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Visalia

Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Tulare

Jones, Mr. and Mrs. William Tulare
Keener, HA Visalia

Kellenberg, FR Visalia

Kelsey, Mr. and Mrs. WH Visalia

Kibler, Newton W Visalia

King, Mr. and Mrs. D. Tulare

Knight, UG Exeter

Knox, Mrs. John G Visalia

Knupp, VD Porterville
LaFond, Mrs. LJ Tipton

Lamberson, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Visalia

Lamkin, Mrs. Alice Porterville

Leslie, Andrew Porterville

Levy, Miss Julia Visalia

Lewis, Harry S Terra Bella

Lewis, Leslie Poplar

Lillie, CB Visalia

Linder, Mrs. R Tulare

Lindsay Gazette Lindsay

Lindsey, Miss Eliza Visalia

Lowry, Mrs. AA Visalia
MacCabe, TE Visalia

Macomber, JK Tipton

Maddox, Ben M. Visalia

Maddox, Morley M. Visalia

Markham, Ida Visalia

McEwen, Mrs. M.J. Visalia

McClure, Mrs. HB Visalia

McGregor, Mrs. Allan Lindsay

McMillan, Mrs. MA Tulare

Middlecoff, WW Visalia

Milligan, JA Porterville

Miller, Mrs. EO Visalia

Miot, Arthur E. Visalia

Mitchell, S. Visalia

Montgomery, DeWitt Visalia

Mooney, Hugh Visalia

Mortland, Samuel Fresno

Murray, Mr. and Mrs. AH Visalia
Neff, Mrs. Victoria Tulare

Newman, JH Dinuba

Newman, RO Visalia

Nicewonger, Mr. and Mrs. C Tulare
Oakes, Mrs. JW Visalia

Orr, AR Visalia

Overall, Mrs. Anna Visalia

Overall, Orval Visalia
Page, Mrs. Annie Visalia

Parker, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Visalia

Patrick, Mr. and Mrs. SB Visalia

Perkins, DE Visalia

Perkins, EH Dinuba

Pfrimmer, FM Porterville

Phillips, Mrs. Birdie Allensworth

Pillsbury, JD Dinuba

Porterville Recorder Porterville

Power, Maurice Visalia

Prestidge, George R. Visalia
Ragle, WE Woodlake

Ragsdale, Mrs. JH Spa

Reardon, Mrs. Rosa D. Tulare

Rhodes, Mrs. John Dinuba

Robinson, JR Visalia

Roche, Mr. and Mrs. PF Tulare

Runyon, LE Visalia
Schoenemann, LE Tulare

Shilling, Mrs. Nicholas Alpaugh

Shoup, Mrs. FM Hot Springs

Shreve, HM Tulare

Sims, WA Farmersville

Small, Mrs. Kate Visalia

Smith, Dr. and Mrs. CL Tulare

Smith, Mrs. Emma N. Porterville

Smith, George David Visalia

Smith, Seth Visalia

Spier, CA Visalia

Sprott, WE Porterville

Stapp, Mrs. Louise Badger

Stewart, George W. Visalia

Stokes, John Visalia

Strathmore Sentinel Strathmore

Stuart, HG Porterville

Sturgeon, Mr. and Mrs. JW Tulare

Swank, Miss Carrie O. Visalia

Sweet, Mr. and Mrs. AD Visalia

Switzer, UD Visalia
Templeton, Miss Louise Porterville

Terra Bella News Terra Bella

Thomas, HF Visalia

Thoms, Mrs. Carrie Visalia

Thurston, Mrs. Cora Tulare

Toomey, Mrs. Dave Visalia

Townsend, Mr. and Mrs. JM Visalia

Trulock, Isaac Traver

Tulare Advance Tulare

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