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Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, “The Fear of Dying”

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Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, “The Fear of Dying” (Reader 164-167)

  1. What do tombstones, military gun salutes, and Native American arrow-shooting funeral rituals all have in common, according to Kubler-Ross? (164)

  2. When the farmer that Kubler-Ross describes was dying, how did he handle it? (164-165)

  3. When the farmer died, where was he and why was he there? (165)

  4. What was the role of children in the farmer’s family, relatives, neighbors, and friends as he was dying and afterwards? (165)

  5. According to Kubler-Ross, what effect does the “advancements of science” have on how we in American society view and handle death? (166)

  6. What is the main difference between the way that the farmer died and a typical patient’s treatment in a hospital (especially a terminal patient)? (166-167)

  7. How is our tendency to “displace all our knowledge onto machines” affecting our perspective on death, according to Kubler-Ross? (167)

  8. How is this displacement tendency similar to the “euphemisms” that Kubler-Ross describes? (165-166)

  • A Buddhist Perspective: “Death and Dying in the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition,” compiled by the Venerable Pende Hawter http://www.buddhanet.net/deathtib.htm

Review also The Dalai Lama. How to Practice:

  • The Process of Dying (48-53)

  • Intermediate State (54-55)

  • The Process of Rebirth (55-57)

    • Also see the DL’s Advice on Dying at http://www.dailyom.com/library/000/000/000000269.html

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