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Davis, “Surprise! It’s Judgment Day”

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Davis, “Surprise! It’s Judgment Day” (Reader 129-135)

  1. What does God look like as he appears to Martin?

  2. How has Martin died?

  3. Is God apparently a “fundamentalist” or “ecumenicalist”?

  4. What is “the heart of the matter” that Martin challenges God about?

  5. What are 2 “defenses” that God mentions about this challenge?

  6. If Martin were in God’s place, he would have ____.

  7. God says in response to this that ___.

  8. What does God find “most admirable” about the world as he has created it?

  9. As Martin observes the people in white gowns walking around heaven, he notices that ___.

  10. How does Martin feel at the end about going to heaven?

  11. How does the little girl Katherine feel about going to heaven, and how does God respond to her?

  12. What do God’s final statements and actions reveal?

  13. Do you agree with this story’s characterization of heaven and happiness? Explain.
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