Trident University International – Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security Cybersecurity

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Trident University International – Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security - Cybersecurity

Trident University’s College of Health and Human Services offers the Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security (BSHLS) degree program. This program is sequentially constructed to correspond to the “four pillars” of the National Preparedness Goal (2011) and the Missions of the Strategic Plan of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) (2012). The pillars are: (1) Prevent, (2) Protect, (3) Respond, and (4) Recover. This coverage format will ensure that all essential areas are addressed so that learners will be assured fundamental coverage of the Homeland Security scope of responsibilities. Courses will include scenarios and disaster simulation exercises to provide a sense of realism. The program begins with exploring the fundamentals and ethics of HLS, moves to interagency planning, and ultimately ends with the Capstone Course in which the student will submit original work that will reflect an integration of all coursework topics.

Concentration Introduction

Trident University’s College of Health and Human Services offers the Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security degree program with a concentration in Cybersecurity. Growing out of asymmetric warfare—thanks to advances in technologies—is the cyber battlefield in which sensitive infrastructures are compromised or destroyed by belligerents. Additionally, terrorists use this virtual media to further their agenda, intimidate citizens, and otherwise cause harm. The cybersecurity concentration will begin by examining cybersecurity policy and laws, and then move on to offensive and defensive cyber actions and intelligence gathering. Real-life scenarios involving threats to our critical infrastructures will be used.

Required Program Core Courses (40 Semester Credit Hours)


Gateway to Homeland Security


Fundamentals and Ethics of Homeland Security


Homeland Security and Interagency Planning


Preventing Homeland Infiltration: Air, Ground, and Maritime


Potential Threats to Homeland Security


Catastrophic Events and Responses


Intelligence and Law Enforcement


Cyber and Physical Security Vulnerabilities and Methodologies


Homeland Recovery and Continuity of Operations


Homeland Security Capstone Course

Concentration Required Courses (16 Semester Credit Hours)


Introduction to Cybersecurity


Cyber Threat Intelligence


Cyberterrorism and Cyber Warfare


Introduction to IT Security

Concentration Elective Courses (16 Semester Credit Hours)

Dependent on the number of transferred courses - select up to four courses from the following:


Issues of Terrorism


Disaster Relief


Survey of Emergency and Disaster Management


Emergency Planning and Operation


Risk Assessment


Principles of Information Systems in Business and Organizations


Principles of Management


Organizational Behavior and Teamwork

General Education Courses

Dependent on the number of transferred courses – Select up to 48 Semester Credit Hours.

Total Degree Credit Hour Requirement

120 Semester Credit Hours
Trident University is accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Senior Colleges and Universities of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).
For more information:
Contact: Mrs. Kendra Temple

Manager, Outreach and Partnership Services

Trident University International

5757 Plaza Drive, Suite 100

Cypress, CA 90630

Phone: (855) 783-3822

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