"Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire" webquest

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“Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire” webquest http://www.ilr.cornell.edu/trianglefire/

Click on “Read the Story of the Fire.” Read “Introduction”…

1. What city was this factory located in?

2. How many young immigrant girls lost their lives?
Click on “continue” (read at least the first paragraph of “Sweatshops & Strikes”)…

3. Describe a typical sweatshop.

Click on “Primary Sources,” click on “Letter to Michael and Hugh from Pauline Newman” – read and answer these questions…

4. Why was Pauline Newman lucky to get a job at Triangle?

5. What time did Pauline’s workday begin?

6. How did she get to work?

7. Did workers get paid overtime?

8. Why did workers accept such conditions?

9. How much did she earn each week?

10. What was her job?

11. What did the children workers do when the inspectors came to the factory?

12. What was the company afraid workers would steal?

13. Why did she become famous?

14. Did she die in the fire?

Scroll back to top of page and click on “Story of the Fire” and then click on “Fire”…

15. Why could many people not escape from the fire? So what did many end up doing?

Click “continue” and now you should be at “Mourning and Protest”…

16. Who proposed an official day of mourning?

Then click on “What is to be Done?” by Martha Bruere (over to the right of the page) and read…

17. How much did the company offer to pay the families of the dead girls?

Then click on “Story of the Fire” and then click on “Relief Work”…

18. How were the survivors of the fire helped?

Click “continue” and read “Investigation and Trial”…

19. Were the owners of the factory, Blanck and Harris, held responsible for the deaths due to the fire?

Scroll back to top of page and click on “Primary Sources” and click on “Photos and Illustrations” (over to the right of page) …

20. What reactions do you have?

Click back to “Primary Sources”… then click on “My First Job” by Rose Cohen. Summarize here.

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