Trends in pediatric circumcision in Belgium and the Brussels University Hospital from

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Social determinants

In the United States of America, the majority of boys are circumcised (cf. “Trends in pediatric circumcision – Trends in the United States of America”). A study in Denver showed that parents cited social reasons (for example not wanting their son to look different) as the main reason for choosing to circumcise their newborn. 90% of circumcised fathers chose to circumcise their sons, compared with 23% of non-circumcised fathers.47

In the Philippines and the Republic of Korea circumcision is widespread and mainly performed for non-religious reasons. In the Philippines two thirds of boys chose to be circumcised “to avoid being uncircumcised” and 41% stated that it was “part of the tradition”. In the Republic of Korea, 61% of respondents believed that their peer group would ridicule them if they were not circumcised.1

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