Trends in pediatric circumcision in Belgium and the Brussels University Hospital from

Prevention of penile problems including phimosis

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Prevention of penile problems including phimosis

Infants who are circumcised have less penile problems than uncircumcised boys. A New Zeeland prospective cohort study explored rates of penile problems in 635 boys from birth to 8 years of age. These problems include penile inflammation balanitis, meatitis, inflammation of the prepuce and conditions in which the penis was describes as sore or inflamed), phimosis with a need of treatment, inadequate circumcision with a requirement of a repair and postoperative infection after circumcision. From ages 1 to 8 years, 6.5% of the circumcised boys had penile problems, compared to 17.2% of the uncircumcised boys. Findings were not significant during the first year of life.22

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