Trench Warfare (3 days)

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Extending & Refining II

(Independent practice)

  • The comic strips will accuratly describe the uses of trench warfare and the problems introduced caused from trench warfare.

This comic strip is a chance for the students to take a topic and be creative with it. They can tell their own story of a battle, but it just must tell me that they understand the concepts that I have taught.


(Student-driven, teacher directed close to lesson)

  • I will finish the lesson by giving a quiz on trench warfare. I will ask the students the pros and cons of this style of fighting and why it was introduced.

  • It will be a more student led topic because I will have the students present their comic strips and show their classmates their stories.

  • The next lesson will be about naval warfare so we will talk about techonology that affected that aspect of the war.

The quiz and comic strip will both show their understanding of trench warfare and it will put the students in the shoes of the soldiers that had to fight in the harsh conditions of the trenches.


Formative Assessments

  • Comic Strip – lets the students be creative while displaying their knowledge of trench warfare

  • Quiz – Assesses their knowledge of the aspects and causes of trench warfare.

Summative assessment

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