Trench Warfare (3 days)

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Extending & Refining

(Guided Practice)

  • A good comic strip would have detailed drawings and dialouge that explains the struggles of fighing trench warfare. A bad example would not have a lot of frames and they would not tell a good story.

  • I will see if the students understand by the accuracy of their comics compared to the trench warfare that we will act out as a class

They can visually see what a trench was like and how they protected the soldiers, but left them vulnerable at the same time.


(Assessing student progress, adjustments)

  • If the classroom wont allow me to effectivly demonstrate trench warfare then I will give a handout to the students that explains how trench warfare worked and then give them questions to answer about it.

After looking at their answers on the worksheet I will be able to see if they understand trench warfare.

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