Trench Warfare (3 days)

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Trench Warfare (3 days)

World War I (15 days)

Instructor’s Name:

Keith Walsh

Course Name:

World History

Learning Target Objective(s)

Instructional Materials & Resources

  • Students will be able to explain why trench warfare was introduced and what problems came with it.

  • Textbook

  • Handouts

Lesson Essential Question

  • What kind of technology was introduced during the war that forced armies to start utilizing trench warfare? What problems came with trench warfare that did not exist prior?

Plan of Instruction


Description of Activities/Setting

Purpose (Rationale)


(Prior Knowledge & Content)

I designed this activity to see what the students know that way if they know all of the basic information then we can talk about more interesting details. As the instructor I hope to understand what students their age usually know coming into my class so I know what to focus more on and what I can just touch on.

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