Travels in the West and Southwest Fiche Listing Bullock, W. (William), fl. 1808-1828

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Travels in the West and Southwest

Fiche Listing

Bullock, W. (William), fl. 1808-1828.

Sketch of a journey through the western states of North America : from New Orleans, by the Mississippi, Ohio, city of Cincinnati and falls of Niagara, to New York, in 1827.

London : J. Miller. 1827

with a description of the new and flourishing city of Cincinnati / by B. Drake and E.D. Mansfield ; and a selection from various authors, on the present condition and future prospects of the settlers, in the fertile and populous state of Ohio, containing information useful to persons desirous of settling in America; The frontispiece has title "Plan of a proposed rural town, to be called Hygeia, the property of W. Bullock, on the river Ohio, Kentucky ... ." This locality is evidently at or near the present Ludlow, Ky. 'Cincinnati in 1826' by B. Drake and E.D. Mansfield has separate cover: Cincinnati: Printed by Morgan, Lodge and Fisher, 1827. Includes index. Sketch of a journey through the western states -- Cincinnati in 1826 by B. Drake and E.D. Mansfield -- Appendix : extracts from various works on the state of Ohio, and city of Cincinnati.; xxxi, viii, 135 p., [2] leaves of plates : map (fold.), plan (fold.); CTRG00-B1654.

Fiche: 7,257-7,261
Croghan, George, d. 1782.

Journal of Col. George Croghan : who was sent, after the peace of 1763, by the government, to explore the country adjacent to the Ohio River, and to conciliate the Indian nations who had hitherto acted with the French.

[Burlington, N.J. : New Jersey Enterprise Book and Job Print. Establishment]. [1875]

Reprinted from Featherstonhaugh's American monthly journal of geology, December 1831, for W.H.B. Thomas of Mount Holly, N.J. Cf. P.G. Thomson, Bibl. of the State of Ohio. "A list of different nations and tribes of Indians in the northern district of North America. With the number of their fighting men."--P. [36]-38.; 38 p.; CTRG00-B1655.

Fiche: 7,671-7,671a
Nuttall, Thomas, 1786-1859.

A journal of travels into the Arkansa [sic] Territory, during the year 1819 : with occasional observations on the manners of the aborigines.

Philadelphia : Printed and published by Thos. H. Palmer. 1821

"Account of a journey from Philadelphia, down the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers to the Arkansas River; thence across Arkansas to the interior of present-day Oklahoma; returning via the Arkansas and Mississippi Rivers, and then to New Orleans." Includes bibliographical references.; xii, 9-296 p., [6] leaves of plates : ill., fold. map ; 24 cm.; CTRG00-B2197.

Fiche: 9,217-9,441a
Bolduc, J.-B Z. (Jean-Baptiste Zacharie), 1818-1889.

Mission de la Colombie : lettre et journal.

Québec : Impr. de J.-B. Fréchette, père. [1844]

An account of his voyage from Boston to Oregon by way of cape Horn, to the mission at the mouth of the Columbia River, 1841-1842.; 95 p. ; 20 cm.; CTRG00-B2114.

Fiche: 12,787-12,788a
Thornton, J. Quinn (Jessy Quinn), 1810-1888.

Oregon and California in 1848.

New York : Harper & Bros. 1849

with an appendix, including recent and authentic information on the subject of the gold mines of California, and other valuable matter of interest to the emigrant; 2 v. : ill., fold. map. ; 20 cm.; CTRG00-B2141.

Fiche: 13,429-13,436
Warren, Gouverneur Kemble, 1830-1883.

Letter of Lieut. G.K. Warren, top. eng., to the Hon. George W. Jones : relative to his explorations of Nebraska Territory.

[Washington, D.C. : s.n.]. [1858]

Caption title.; 15 p., [1] leaf of plates : fold. map ; 22 cm.; CTRG00-B2085.

Fiche: 13,654
Farnham, Thomas Jefferson, 1804-1848.

Travels in the great western prairies : the Anahuac and Rocky Mountains, and in the Oregon Territory.

Poughkeepsie : Killey and Lossing, Printers. 1841

197 p. ; 19 cm.; CTRG00-B2072.

Fiche: 13,682-13,684
Angelo, C. Aubrey (Charles Aubrey), 1810-1875.

Sketches of travel in Oregon and Idaho : with map of South Boise.

New York : Printed for the author by L.D. Robertson. 1866

Advertising matter: [13] p., second group.; 181, [13] p., [1] leaf of plates : fold. map.; CTRG00-B2107.

Fiche: 13,912-13,914
Considérant, Victor, 1808-1893.

Au Texas.

Bruxelles [i.e., Brussels, Belgium] : Société de colonisation. 1855

2e éd.; 1. Rapport áa mes amis -- 2. Bases et statuts de la Sociâetâe de colonisation europâeo-amâericaine au Texas -- 3. ... Les bases d'un premier âetablissement sociâetaire.; 334 p., [3] leaves of plates : fold. map, charts (some fold.) ; 19 cm.; CTRG00-B1663.

Fiche: 16,602-16,606
Smith, Edward, 1818?-1874.

Account of a journey through north-eastern Texas, undertaken in 1849, for the purposes of emigration : embodied in a report : to which are appended letters and verbal communications, from eminent individuals : lists of temperature, of prices of land, produce, and articles of merchandize ... and the recently adopted constitution of Texas : with maps from the last authentic survey.

London : Hamilton, Adams & Co. 1849

vi, [5]-188 p., [2] leaves of plates : 2 fold. maps ; 18 cm.; CTRG00-B1664.

Fiche: 17,785-17,787
Brown, James Stephens, b. 1828.

Life of a pioneer.

Salt Lake City : G. Q. Cannon. 1900

being the autobiography of James S. Brown; xix, 534 p., [1] leaf of plates : ill., port.; CTRG00-B2195.

Fiche: 21,522-21,534
Craig, Lulu Alice.

Glimpses of sunshine and shade in the far North, or, My travels in the land of the midnight sun.

Cincinnati : Editor Publishing Co. 1900

ix, 123 p., [14] leaves of plates : ill. (some col.), ports. ; 22 cm.; CTRG00-B2181.

Fiche: 22,026-A-22,028
Flack, Captain.

A hunter's experiences in the Southern States of America : being an account of the natural history of the various quadrupeds and birds which are the objects of chase in those countries.

London : Longmans, Green, and Co. (London : Printed by Spottiswoode and Co.). 1866

359 p.; CTRG00-B1783.

Fiche: 27,077-27,081
Flack, Captain.

The Texan rifle-hunter, or, Field sports on the prairie.

London : J. Maxwell and Co. 1866

" ... ('the Ranger'), late of the Texan Rangers."; viii, 333 p.; CTRG00-B2226.

Fiche: 31,318-31,321a
Parker, James W., b.1797.

Narrative of the perilous adventures, miraculous escapes and sufferings of Rev. James W. Parker : during a frontier residence in Texas, of fifteen years : with an impartial geographic description of the climate, soil, timber, water, &c., &c., &c. of Texas.

Louisville, Ky. : Printed at the Morning Courier office. 1844

To which is appended a Narrative of the capture and subsequent sufferings of Mrs. Rachel Plummer, (his daughter,) during a captivity of twenty-one months among the Cumanche [sic] Indians, with a sketch of their manners, customs, laws, &c. ; with a short description of the country over which she travelled whilst with the Indians / written by herself; This is the second edition of Rachel Plummer's narrative; with separate title page dated 1839. Cover imprint has publication date 1845. An acrostic, written by Rev. James W. Parker, to his daughter, just before her death, in the form of a prayer.; 95, 35 [i.e., 36] p. ; 19 cm.; CTRG00-B1893.

Fiche: 31,883-31,886
Potter, A.W.

The plain truth about California.

Oakland, Calif. : Published for the author (Oakland : Pacific Press). 1886

148 p. ; 17 cm.; CTRG00-B1894.

Fiche: 31,897-31,899
Shaw, William.

Golden dreams and waking realities : being the adventures of a gold-seeker in California and the Pacific Islands.

London : Smith, Elder and Co. 1851

xii, 316 p. ; 20 cm.; CTRG00-B1895.

Fiche: 31,909-31,913
Simpson, George, Sir, 1786 or 7-1860.

California : its history, population, climate, soil, productions, and harbors / from Sir George Simpson's "Overland journey round the world." An account of the revolution in California, and conquest of the country by the United States, 1846-7.

Cincinnati : J.A. & U.P. James. 1848

105 p. ; 18 cm.; CTRG00-B1896.

Fiche: 31,923-31,925
United States. Army. Corps of Engineers.

Report of a reconnaissance in the Ute country : made in the year 1873.

Washington [D.C.] : G.P.O. 1874

"Reconnaissance in the Ute country from the Secretary of War ... ."--P. [2]. "The report ... is ... almost entirely from notes taken by Mr. Prout": p. 3. "A list of rocks and fossils collected by H. Hawn, geologist of the Ute reconnaisance in Colorado territory."; 101 p., [1] leaf of plates : fold. map, charts ; 23 cm.; CTRG00-B1898.

Fiche: 31,935-31,937
Seyd, Ernest, 1833-1881.

California and its resources : a work for the merchant, the capitalist, and the emigrant.

London : Trübner and Co. 1858

168 p., [19] leaves of pkates : ill., fold. maps ; 22 cm.; CTRG00-B1899.

Fiche: 31,938-31,941
Baxley, Henry Willis, 1803-1876.

What I saw on the west coast of South and North America, and at the Hawaiian Islands.

New York : D. Appleton & Co. 1865

632 p., [8] leaves of plates : ill. ; 35 cm.; CTRG99-B1942.

Fiche: 33,047-33,059
California today : San Francisco, its metropolis.

San Francisco : California Promotion Commitee of San Francisco. 1903

compiled by Charles Sedgwick Aiken; "A concise statement concerning the state that faces the Orient, and the city by the Golden Gate. Undisputed facts and telling figures from various authentic and official sources concerning the geography, topography, climate, commerce, outlook, resources, industries and people." Includes index.; 192 p. : ill., charts ; 25 cm.; CTRG99-B1943.

Fiche: 33,060-33,064
Ball, Nicholas, 1828-1896.

The pioneers of '49 : a history of the excursion of the Society of California Pioneers of New England, from Boston to the leading cities of the golden state, April 10-May 17, 1890 : with reminiscences and descriptions.

Boston : Lee and Shepard. 1891

"Illustrated with over one hundred fine engravings."; xv, 288 p., 18 leaves of plates : ill., ports. ; 24 cm.; CTRG99-B1944.

Fiche: 33,065-33,071
Bell, Horace, 1830-1918.

Reminiscences of a ranger, or, Early times in Southern California.

Los Angeles : Yarnell, Caystile & Mathes, printers. 1881

457 p. ; 24 cm.; CTRG99-B1945.

Fiche: 33,072-33,080
T.B. Mills & Co.

A history of the north-western editorial excursion to Arkansas : a short sketch of its inception and the routes traveled over, the manner in which the editors were received, the resolutions adopted and speeches made at various points, the view of the editorial visitors to Arkansas as expressed in their papers.

Little Rock : T.B. Mills & Co. 1876

"Opinion of the German press"--20 p. (second group) in German.; 384, 20 p., 5 leaves of plates : folded maps, charts ; 25 cm.; CTRG99-B1946.

Fiche: 33,081-33,089
Coffin, George, 1797-1867.

A pioneer voyage to California and round the world, 1849 to 1852 : ship Alhambra, Captain George Coffin.

[Chicago? : s.n.]. [1908]

Foreword signed: Gorham B. Coffin.; 235 p., [13] leaves of plates : ill., port., map ; 23 cm.; CTRG99-B1947.

Fiche: 33,090-33,095
Bartlett, John Russell, 1805-1886.

Personal narrative of explorations and incidents in Texas, New Mexico, California, Sonora, and Chihuahua : connected with the United States and Mexican Boundary Commission, during the years 1850, '51, '52, and '53.

New York : D. Appleton and Co. 1854

Vol. 2 includes index.; 2 v. : ill., folded map ; 25 cm.; CTRG99-B1948.

Fiche: 33,096-33,119
Bristol, William Marion, 1859-1941.

Californiana, and, Sketches of the Southwest.

Los Angeles : Times Mirror Pub. 1901

"Halftone illustrations from nature ; drawings by Constance Farris, from suggestions by the author."; 131 p. : ill. ; 18 x 27 cm.; CTRG99-B1949.

Fiche: 33,120-33,123
Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition (1909 : Seattle, Wash.) Commission.

California : its products, resources, industries and attractions : what it offers the immigrant, homeseeker, investor and tourist.

Sacramento : W.W. Shannon, Superintendent State Printing. 1909

published by the California-Alaska-Yukon Exposition Commission ; edited by T.G. Daniells; Caption title. Commission: Gov. J.N. Gillett, J.A. Filcher, Frank Wiggins. Similiar publications under same title, were issued by the Louisiana Purchase Exposition Commission, 1904, and by the Lewis and Clark Expositon Commission, 1905.; 174 p., [1] leaf of plates : ill. ; 23 cm.; CTRG99-B1950.

Fiche: 33,124-33,128
Hartmann, Carl, b.1796.

Geographisch-statistische Beschreibung von Californien : Aufschlüsse über die Lage, den Boden und das Clima des Landes, über seine Bewohner, ihr Leben, Sitten und Gebräuche, über Staatsverfassung, Religion, über Bodenerzeugnisse und Handel : mit besonderer Berücksichtigung seines Mineralreichthums, namentlich der neuerlich so wichtigen Goldgewinnung und der vorzüglichsten dorthin gemachten Reisen.

Weimar : B.F. Voigt. 1849

von Carl Hartmann nach den besten Quellen bearbeitet; 2 v. : folded maps ; 22 cm.; CTRG99-B1951.

Fiche: 33,129-33,138
Evans, Albert S.

A la California : sketches of life in the golden state.

San Francisco : A. L. Bancroft, 1874. 1873

with an introduction by Col. W.H.L. Barnes, and illustrations from original drawings by Ernest Narjat; 379 p., [24] leaves of plates : ill. ; 22 cm.; CTRG99-B1952.

Fiche: 33,139-33,147
Hoppe, J. (Janus).

Californiens Gegenwart und Zukunft ; nebst Beiträgen von A. Erman ueber die Klimatologie von Californien und ueber die geographische Verbreitung des Goldes.

Berlin : G. Reimer. 1849

"Hierzu zwei Karten: 1) Californien von J. Hoppe. 2) Die bis 1849 bekannt gewordenen Golddistrikte von A. Erman." Includes bibliographical references.; viii, 151 p., [2] leaves of plates : folded maps, charts ; 23 cm.; CTRG99-B1953.

Fiche: 33,148-33,151
Adams, Emma H. (Emma Hildreth).

To and fro, up and down in Southern California, Oregon, and Washington territory : with sketches in Arizona, New Mexico and British Columbia.

Cincinnati : Cranston & Stowe. c.1888

Chapters I-XXXI (p. 11-278) previously published under title: To and fro in southern California with sketches in Arizona and New Mexico.; 608 p., [14] leaves of plates : ill. ; 21 cm.; CTRG99-B1954.

Fiche: 33,152-33,163
Carter, Charles Franklin 1890-1957.

Some by-ways of California.

New York : Grafton Press. c.1902

Pala -- The Mojave desert -- Leaves from an artist's diary -- The home of Ramona -- Lompoc and Purisima -- Jolon -- San Juan Bautista -- Pescadero -- The charm of Southern California.; v, 189 p. ; 20 cm.; CTRG99-B1955.

Fiche: 33,164-33,168
Baines, Thomas F. O'Malley.

My life in two hemispheres : what was suffered for love of country.

San Francisco : Henderson & Co., printers. 1889

3rd ed.; Includes poetry. Includes commercial advertisements.; 180 p. : ill. ; 22 cm.; CTRG99-B1956.

Fiche: 33,169-33,173
Awes, Addison.

Why a rich Yankee did not settle in California.

Boston : Cubery and Co. 1900

114 p., [8] leaves of plates : ill. ; 22 cm.; CTRG99-B1957.

Fiche: 33,174-33,177
Farnham, Eliza Woodson Burhans, 1815-1864.

California, in-doors and out, or, How we farm, mine, and live generally in the Golden State.

New York : Dix, Edwards & Co. 1856

"Appendix. Narrative of the emigration of the Donner Party to California, in 1846."--P. 380-457. "Supplementary chapter. The present crisis in California."--P. 458-508.; xiv, 508 p. ; 19 cm.; CTRG99-B1958.

Fiche: 33,178-33,188
Clark, Susie C. (Susie Champney), b. 1856.

The round trip from the Hub to the Golden Gate.

Boston : Lee and Shepard. 1890

193 p. ; 19 cm.; CTRG99-B1959.

Fiche: 33,189-33,193
Auger, Edouard.

Récits d'outre-mer.

Paris : Didier. 1873

A bord du Tennessee -- Les hounds de San-Francisco -- Le poison noir -- Une partie de chasse au boeuf sauvage.; 303, [1] p. ; 19 cm.; CTRG99-B1960.

Fiche: 33,194-33,200
Helper, Hinton Rowan, 1829-1909.

The land of gold : reality versus fiction.

Baltimore : H. Taylor. 1855

300 p. ; 19 cm.; CTRG99-B1961.

Fiche: 33,201-33,207
Brace, Charles Loring, 1826-1890.

The new West, or, California in 1867-1868.

New York : G.P. Putnam & Son. 1869

Includes bibliographical references.; 373 p. : charts ; 20 cm.; CTRG99-B1962.

Fiche: 33,208-33,215
Chard, Thomas S.

California sketches.

Chicago : [s.n.]. 1888

26 p. ; 20 cm.; CTRG99-B1963.

Fiche: 33,216-33,217
Bates, D.B., Mrs.

Incidents on land and water, or, Four years on the Pacific coast : being a narrative of the burning of the ships Nonantum, Humayoon and Fanchon, together with many startling and interesting adventures on sea and land.

Boston : E.O. Libby and Co. 1858

7th ed.; 336 p., [3] leaves of plates : ill. ; 20 cm.; CTRG99-B1964.

Fiche: 33,218-33,224
Lewis, Dio, 1823-1886.

Gypsies, or, Why we went gypsying in the Sierras.

Boston : Eastern Book Co. 1881

416 p., [30] leaves of plates : ill., port. ; 19 cm.; CTRG99-B1965.

Fiche: 33,225-33,234
Kelly, William.

A stroll through the diggings of California.

London : Simms and M'Intyre. 1852

A republication of v. 2 of his: An excursion to California over the prairie, Rocky mountains, and great Sierra Nevada (London, 1851). Vol. 1 of that work was reissued as v. 1 of The Bookcase series, under title: Across the Rocky mountains, from New York, to California... London, 1852.; 240 p. ; 18 cm.; CTRG99-B1966.

Fiche: 33,235-33,240
Farnham, Thomas Jefferson, 1804-1848.

The early days of California : embracing what I saw and heard there, with scenes in the Pacific.

Philadelphia : J. E. Potter. 1862

First edition (New York, 1844) published under title: Travels in the Californias and scenes in the Pacific Ocean. The present edition includes only chapters 1-15 as published in the edition of 1844. Sequel to "Travels in the great western prairies."; vi, [5]-314 p., [21] leaves of plates : ill., ports. ; 19 cm.; CTRG99-B1967.

Fiche: 33,241-33,248
Gerstäcker, Friedrich, 1816-1872.

Wild sports in the far West.

London, New York : Geo. Routledge & Co. 1855

translated from the German ; with illustrations by Harrison Weir; "Fourth thousand."; vi, 314 p., [8] leaves of plates : ill. ; 19 cm.; CTRG99-B2017.

Fiche: 33,249-33,255
Churchill, Caroline M. Nichols, b. 1833.

"Little sheaves" gathered while gleaning after reapers : being letters of travel commencing in 1870, and ending in 1873.

San Francisco : Woman's Publishing Co. 1875

136 p. ; 17 cm.; CTRG99-B2018.

Fiche: 33,256-33,259
Newbrough, John Ballou, 1828-1891.

The lady of the West, or, The gold seekers.

Cincinnati : Printed for the author by Moore, Wilstach, Keys and Overend. 1855

written for the great American nation by John Ballou; 544 p. : ill. ; 20 cm.; CTRG99-B2019.

Fiche: 33,260-33,270
California Northwestern Railway Company.

Vacation 1905.

San Francisco : California Northwestern Railway. 1905

Includes index.; 196 p. : ill.; CTRG99-B2020.

Fiche: 33,271-33,275
Auger, Edouard.

Voyage en Californie (1852-1853).

Paris : L. Hachette. 1854

238 p. ; 18 cm.; CTRG99-B2021.

Fiche: 33,276-33,281
The Cincinnati excursion to California : its origin, progress, incidents, and results.

Cincinnati : Published for the Indianopolis, Cincinnati & Lafayette R.R. 1870

"History of a railway journey of six thousand miles -- Complete newspaper correspondence -- The commercial errand with its atendant resolutions, speeches, etc." Special excursion correspondence of the Cincinnati daily commercial -- Correspondence of the Cincinnati daily gazette.; vii, 156 p., [1] leaf of plates : 1 folded map.; CTRG99-B2022.

Fiche: 33,282-33,285
Churchill, Caroline M. Nichols, b. 1833.

Over the purple hills, or, Sketches of travel in California of important points usually visited by tourists.

Chicago : Hazlitt & Reed, printers. 1877

256 p. ; 16 cm.; CTRG99-B2023.

Fiche: 33,286-22,291
Buffum, E. Gould (Edward Gould), 1820-1867.

Six months in the gold mines : from a journal of three years' residence in upper and lower California, 1847-8-9.

Philadelphia : Lea and Blanchard. 1850

Publisher's advertisements: [1] p., second group.; 172, [1] p. ; 19 cm.; CTRG99-B2024.

Fiche: 33,292-33,295
Buffum, E. Gould (Edward Gould), 1820-1867.

Six months in the gold mines : from a journal of three years' residence in upper and lower California, 1847-8-9.

Philadelphia : Lea and Blanchard. 1850

Publisher's advertisements: [1] p., second group.; 172, [1] p. ; 19 cm.; CTRG99-B2025.

Fiche: 33,292-33,295
Brook, Harry Ellington.

The land of sunshine : Southern California, an authentic description of its natural features, resources and prospects : containing reliable information for the homeseeker, tourist, and invalid.

Los Angeles : World's Fair Association and Bureau of Information Print. 1893

"Compiled for the Southern California World's Fair Association and California Bureau of Information."; [2], 112 p., [12] p. of plates, 1 folded leaf : ill., map ; 23 cm.; CTRG99-B2026.

Fiche: 33,296-33,299
Griswold, Norman W.

Beauties of California : including big trees, Yosemite Valley, geysers, Lake Tahoe, Donner Lake, S.F. '49 & '83, etc.

San Francisco : H.S. Crocker and Co. 1883

[60] p. : chiefly col. ill. ; 24 cm.; CTRG99-B2027.

Fiche: 33,300-33,302
Arkansas. Bureau of Mines, Manufactures, and Agriculture.


[St. Louis] : Woodward & Tiernan. 1890

Cover title.; 31 p., [1] folded leaf of plates : 1 folded map, charts ; 23 cm.; CTRG99-B2050.

Fiche: 33,303-33,304
Chipman, N.P. (Norton Parker), 1836-1924.

Northern California : 600 square miles that will grow anything man may plant.

[Colusa [?] Calif. : Sacramento Valley Development Association]. [1901]

Cover title. "Reprinted from Overland monthly, of April, 1901."; 80 p. : ill., 1 folded map, charts ; 24 cm.; CTRG99-B2051.

Fiche: 33,305-33,307
Ferry, Hippolyte.

Description de la nouvelle Californie : géographique, politique et morale.

Paris : L. Maison. 1850

"Avec une grande carte de la nouvelle Californie. Des cartes particuliáeres des baies de Monterey et de San-Francisco. De l'Isthme de Panama. Du Cap Horn et du Dâetroit de Magellan. Et plusieurs vues intâeresantes de la Californie." The words "Deuxiáeme âedition" appear on upper margin of map of California.; 386 p., [6] leaves of plates : ill., maps (1 fold.) ; 18 cm.; CTRG99-B2052.

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