Travels in the Old South I, II, III: 1607-1860 Author Index Abbott, John Stevens Cabot

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Travels in the Old South I, II, III: 1607-1860

Author Index

Abbott, John Stevens Cabot.

South and north; or, Impressions received during a trip to Cuba and the south.

New York, Abbey & Abbot. 1860

Fiche: 17652-17655a
Abdy, Edward Strutt.

Journal of a residence and tour in the United States of North America.

London, J. Murray. 1835

3 v.

Fiche: 80874-80904
An account of the Spanish settlements in America.

Edinburgh, Printed by A. Donaldson and J. Reid for the author [etc.]. 1762

In four which is annexed, a succinct account of the climate, produce, trade, manufactures, &c. of old Spain. Illustrated with a map of America.

Fiche: 80906-80918
Achenwall, Gottfried.

Einige anmerkungen uber Nord-Amerika und uber dasige grosbrittanische colonien.

Helmstedt, J.H. Kuhnlin. 1777

Fiche: 15326-15326b
Adair, James.

History of American Indians.

London, printed for E. and C. Dilly. 1775

Fiche: 80919-80931
Adams, Herbert Baxter.

The life and writings of Jared Sparks.

Boston and New York, Houghton, Mifflin and company. 1892


Fiche: 16558-16572
Adams, Nehemiah.

A South-side View of Slavery.

Boston, T.R. Marvin. 1854

Fiche: 17075-17077a
Alexander, James Edward, Sir.

Transatlantic sketches, comprising visits to the most interesting scenes in North and South America, and the West Indies.

London, R. Bentley. 1833

With notes on Negro slavery and Canadian emigration; 2 v.

Fiche: 15819-15827a
Alexander, James Waddel.

Forty years' Familiar Letters.

New York, C. Scribner; London Sampson Low, Son & Company. 1860

2 v.

Fiche: 16909-16917A
Allardice, Robert Barclay.

Agricultural tour in the United States and Upper Canada.

Edinburgh, etc., W. Blackwood & Sons. 1842

Fiche: 15940-15942a
Allemagne, d'.

Nouvelles du Scotio, ou Relation.

A Paris: Chez Lenoir et Leboucher, imprimeurs. 1790

Fiche: 7704-7704a
Almbert, Alfred d'.

Flanerie parisienne aux Etats-Unis.

Paris, Librairie theatrale. 1856

Fiche: 16573-16576a
Alsop, George.

A character of the province of Maryland.

London, printed by T.J. for P. Dring. 1666

Also a small treatise on the wilde and naked Indians (or Susquehanokes) of Mary-land.

Fiche: 7906-7907b
Alvarez, Francisco.

Noticia del establecimiento y problacion de las colonias inglesas en la America Septentrional.

Madrid, Antonio Fernandez. 1778

Fiche: 15327-15329a
Alvord, Clarence Walworth.

The New Regime, 1765-1767, ed.

Springfield, Ill., Illinois State Historical Library. 1916

With introduction and notes by Clarence Walworth Alvord, and Clarence Edwin Carter.

Fiche: 7677-7685a
American Coast Pilot, containing, the courses and distance from Boston to all the principal harbours, capes and headlands included between Passamaquady and the capes of Virginia.

Newburyport printed by Blunt and March. 1796

Fiche: 7711-7712a
The American Gazetteer, containing a distinct account of all the parts of the new world.

London, printed for A. Millar. 1762

3 v.

Fiche: 80947-80972
Amerika, in alle zyne byzonderheden beschouwd, ter verkryging eener naauwkeurige kennis van dat thans zo veel gerucht maakend waerelddeel.

Amsterdam, P. Meijer. 1780-1782

4 v.

Fiche: 8872-8890
Ampere, Jean J.A.

Promenade en Amerique; Etats-Unis, Cuba-Mexique.

Paris, Michel Levy Freres. 1855

2 v.

Fiche: 17095-17104
Amphlett, William.

The Emigrant's Directory to the Western States of North America.

London, Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown. 1819

Fiche: 15437-15439a
Anburey, Thomas.

Travels Through the Interior Parts of America.

London, printed for W. Lane. 1789

2 v.

Fiche: 80989-81013
Andree, Karl Theodor.

Geographische wanderungen.

Dresden, Rudolf Kuntze. 1859

2 v.

Fiche: 16050-16058a
Andree, Karl Theodor.

Nord-Amerika in geographischen und geschichtlichen umrissen.... Kartenwerk zu dr. Karl Andree's Nord-Amerika. Nach den neuesten materialien, mit besonderer rucksicht auf physikalische verhaltnisse und genauer angabe der county-eintheilung, der eisenbahnen, canale, poststrassen und dampfschifffahrt, in 18 blattern mit erlauterndem texte, hrsg von Henry lange.

Braunschweig, G. Westermann. 1854

2 v.

Fiche: 16342-16351d
Andrew, James Osgood.

Miscellanies, comprising letters, essays, and addresses, to which is added a biographical sketch of Mrs. Ann Amelia Andrew.

Louisville, Morton & Griswold. 1854

Fiche: 16210-16214a
Andrews, Ethan Allen.

Slavery and the Domestic Slave-trade.

Boston, Light & Stearns. 1836

Fiche: 17280-17282a
Anville, Jean Baptiste Bourgignon d'.

Memoire sur la carte intitulee Canada, Louisiane, et terres angloises.

Paris. 1755

Fiche: 15735-15735a
Archdale, John.

A new description of that fertile and pleasant province of Carolina.

London--printed in 1707. Charleston, S.C., reprinted and sold by A.E. Miller. 1822

Fiche: 9759-9759a
Arfwedson, Carl David.

The United States and Canada, in 1832, 1833, and 1834.

London, Richard Bentley. 1834

2 v.

Fiche: 81017-81036
Arredondo, Antonio de.

Arredondo's Historical Proof of Spain's Title to Georgia, a contribution to the history of one of the Spanish borderlands.

Berkeley, Calif., University of California Press. 1925

edited by Herbert E. Bolton.

Fiche: 7853-7857b
Arricivita, Juan Domingo.

Cronica serafica y apostolica del colegia de propaganda fide de la Santa Cruz de Queretaro en la Nueva Espana.

Mexico, Don Felipe de Zuniga y Ontiveros. 1792

Segunda parte.

Fiche: 12563-12570
Asbury, Francis.

The journal of the Rev. Francis Asbury, Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church, 1771-1815.

New York, N. Bangs and T. Mason, 1821. 1821

3 v.

Fiche: 9140-9154a
Ashe, Thomas.

Carolina; or, A description of the present state of that country.

London, printed fyr W.C., and to be sold by Mrs. Grover in Pelican court in Little Britain. 1682

Fiche: 9760-9760a
Ashe, Thomas.

Travels in America, performed in 1806, for the purpose of exploring the rivers Alleghany, Monongahela, Ohio and Mississippi.

London, printed, Newburyport, Mass., re-printed for W. Sawyer & Co., by E.M. Blunt. 1808

Fiche: 1447-1451
Ashworth, Henry.

A tour in the United States, Cuba, and Canada.

London, A.W. Bennett; [etc., etc.]. [1861]

A Course of lectures delivered before the members of the Bolton mechanics' institution.

Fiche: 17656-17657b
Assollant, Alfred.

Scenes de la vie des Etats-Unis.

Paris, Hachette. 1859

Fiche: 17806-17809a
Aston, Anthony.

The Fool's Opera; or, The taste of the age.

London, T. Payne. 1731

Written by Mat. Medley and performed by his company in Oxford.

Fiche: 7908-7908a
Attmore, William.

Journal of a tour to North Carolina, 1787.

Chapel Hill, The University. 1922

Fiche: 12491-12491b
Atwater, Caleb.

Remarks made on a tour to Prairie du Chien, thence to Washington city, in 1829. See Writings of.


Fiche: 80854-80861
Atwater, Caleb.

Writings of Caleb Atwater.

Columbus, O., the author, printed by Scott and Wright. 1833

Fiche: 81073-81083
Audubon, John James.

Journal of.

Cambridge, The Business historical society. 1929

made while obtaining subscriptions to his "Birds of America," 1840-43, edited by Howard Corning, foreword by Francis H. Herrick.

Fiche: 8732-8734
Audubon, John James.

Letters of, 1826-1840.

Boston, The Club of Odd Volumes. 1930

edited by Howard Corning; 2 v.

Fiche: 15728-15734a
Audubon, John Woodhouse.

Audubon's Western Journal, 1849-1850, being the ms. Record of a trip from New York to Texas, and an overland journey through Mexico and Arizona to the gold fields of California.

Cleveland, The A.H. Clark Company. 1906

Fiche: 17176-17178b
Auszuge aus briefen aus Nord-Amerika, geschrieben von zweien aus Ulm an der Donau geburtigen, nun im staate Louisiana ansassigen gesehwistern.

Ulm, E. Nubling. 1833

Fiche: 16577-16579a
Bacon, Lydia B. (Stetson), Mrs.

Biography of.

Boston, Massachusetts Sabbath School Society. 1856

Written for the Massachusetts Sabbeth School Society.

Fiche: 8978-8982
Bacourt, Adolphe fourier de.

... Souvenirs d'un diplomate; lettres intimes sur l'Amerique.

Paris, Calmann Levy. 1882

Fiche: 16723-16727b
Badin, Stephen Theodore.

Origine et progres de la mission du Kentucky, par un temoin oculaire.

Paris, A. Le Clere. 1821

Fiche: 81092-81094
Baily, Francis.

Journal of a tour in unsettled parts of North America, in 1796 & 1797.

London, Baily Brothers. 1856

Fiche: 9211-9216
Baird, Robert.

Impressions and Experiences of the West Indies and North America in 1849.

Philadelphia, Lea & Blanchard. 1850

Fiche: 81095-81103
Baird, Robert.

View of the Valley of the Mississippi, or, The emigrant's and traveller's guide to the West.

Philadelphia, H.S. Tanner. 1832

Fiche: 7228-7235
Baker, William Mumford.

The Life and Labours of the Rev. Daniel Baker.

Philadelphia, W.W. & A. Martien. 1858

Prepared by his son.

Fiche: 16059-16065a
Baldwin, Joseph G.

The Flush Times of Alabama and Mississippi.

New York, D. Appleton and Company. 1853

Fiche: 81104-81112
Ball, Charles.

Slavery in the United States.

Pittsburgh, J.T. Shryock. 1854

3d ed.

Fiche: 16843-16847b
Ballentine, George.

Autobiography of an English soldier in the United States Army.

New York, Stringer & Townsend. 1853

Comprising observations and adventures in the States and Mexico.

Fiche: 15943-15946a
Banvard, John.

Description of Banvard's panorama of the Mississippi River, painted on three miles of canvas, exhibiting a view of country 1200 miles in length, extending from the mouth of the Missouri River to the city of New Orleans.

Boston, J. Putnam, printer. 1847

Fiche: 16215-16215b
Barinetti, Carlo.

A Voyage to Mexico and Havanna, including some general observations on the United States.

New York, printed for the author by C. Vinton. 1841

By an Italian.

Fiche: 15947-15948b
Barr, James.

A correct and authentic narrative of the Indian war in Florida, with a description of Maj. Dade's massacre.

New York, J. Narine, printer. 1836

Fiche: 16701-16701a
Barry, Thomas.

Narrative of the singular adventures and captivity of Thos. Barry, among the Monsipi Indians.

London, A. Neil. 1802

Fiche: 7705-7705b
Bartlett, John Russell.

Personal narrative of explorations and incidents in Texas, new Mexico, California, Sonora, and Chihuahua.

New York & London, D. Appleton & Company. 1854

2 v.

Fiche: 12829-12841
Bartram, William.

Travels through North and South Carolina, Georgia, East & West Florida, the Cherokee country, the extensive territories of the Muscogulges, or Creek confederacy, and the country of the Chactaws.

Philadelphia, printed by James & Johnson. 1741

Fiche: 8468-8473a
Baudry des Lozieres, Louis Narcisse.

Voyage a la Louisiane, et sur le continent de l'Amerique septentrionale, fait dans les annes 1794 a 1798; contenant un tableau historique de la Louisiana.

Paris, Dentu, an XI. 1802

Par B.D. Orne d'une belle carte.

Fiche: 15487-15491a
Baumbach, Ludwig Carl Wilhelm von.

Neue briefe aus den vereinigten Staaten von Nord-amerika in die heimath.

Cassel, T. Fischer. 1856

Fiche: 4618-4625
Baxter, William Edward.

America and the Americans.

London, New York, G. Routledge & co. 1855

Fiche: 17658-17660a
Bayard, Ferdinand Marie.

Voyage dans l'interieur des Etats-Unis, a Bath, Winchester, dans la vallee de Shenandoha! Etc., etc., pendant l'ete de 1791.

Paris, Chez Cocheris. 1797

Fiche: 9239-9242b
Beaujour, Louis Auguste Felix, baron de.

Apercu des Etats-Unis, au commencement du XIX diecle.

Paris, L.G. Michaud, imprimeur. 1814

Fiche: 8998-9001b
Beaumont de La Bonniniere, G.A. de.

Marie; ou, L'esclavage aux Etats-Unis.

Bruxelles, Louis Hauman et compie, 1835. 1835

2 v.

Fiche: 16865-16873
Beauvallet, Leon.

Rachel and the New World.

New York, Dix, Edwards & Co. 1856

A trip to the United States and Cuba.

Fiche: 17110-17114a
Beknopte en zakelyke beschryving der voornaamste engelsche volkplantingen, in Noord-America.

Amsterdam, Petrus Conradi. 1776

2 v.

Fiche: 9900-9905
Bellin, Jacques Nicolas.

Remarques sur la carte de l'Amerique Septentrionale, comprise entre le 28e et le 72e degre de latitude, avec une description geographique de ces parties.

A Paris, De l'impr. De Didot, M.DCC.LV. 1755

Fiche: 17780-17781a
Beltrami, Giocomo Costantino.

A pilgrimage in Europe and America, leading to the discovery of the sources of the Mississippi and Bloody River.

London, Hunt and Clarke. 1828

2 v.

Fiche: 8735-8746
Benavides, Alonso de.

Memorial qve fray Ivan de Santander, de la orden de San Francisco, comissario general de Indias, presenta a la magestad catolica del rey Don Felipe Zvarto nuestro senor.

En Madrid, en la Imprenta real, ano. 1630

Fiche: 83941-83944
Benson, Henry Clark.

Life among the Choctaw Indians, and sketches of the Southwest.

Cincinnati, Pub. By L. Swormstedt & A. Poe, for the Methodist Episcopal church. 1860

Fiche: 81266-81274
Benwell, J.

An Englishman's travels in America: his observations of life and manners in the free and slave states.

London, Binna and Woodwin; [etc., etc.]. [1853]

Fiche: 17817-17819b
Bernard, Jean Frederic.

Relations de la Louisiane, et du fleuve Mississippi.

Amsterdam, J.F. Bernard. 1720

Fiche: 9838-9842b
Bernard, John.

Retrospections of America, 1797-1811.

New York, Harper & Brothers. 1887

Fiche: 9157-9161a
Bernhard, Karl, Duke of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach.

Reise sr. Hoheit des herzogs Bernard zu Sachsen-Weimar-Eisenach durch Nord-Amerika in den jahren 1825 und 1826.

Weimar, W. Hoffmann. 1828

Hrsg. Von Heinrich Luden; 2 v.

Fiche: 15828-15837

Vue de la colonie espagnole du Mississipi ou des provinces de Louisiane et Floride Occidentale.

Paris, Imprimerie expeditive, an xi. 1803

Fiche: 83932-83940
Besancon's annual register of the state of Mississippi, for the year 1838.

Natchez, L.A. Besancon. 1838

Compiled from original documents and actual surveys...v. 1.

Fiche: 16747-16750a
Beschryving der colonien van Groot-Britanje in Noord-Amerika. In De naauwkeurige hollandsche almanach, 1779.


Fiche: 15407-15407a
Beste, John Richard Digby.

The Wabash; or, Adventures of an English gentleman's family in the interior of America.

London, Hurst and Blackett. 1855

2 v.

Fiche: 83913-83929
Beyer, Edward.

Edward Beyer's cyclomara, malerische Reise von Bremen nach New York und durch die Vereinigten Staaten von Nordamerika, zuruck nach Hamburg. Navch der Natur gemalt und erlautert.

Dresden, C.C. Meinhold & Sohne. [1867]

2d ed.

Fiche: 17374-17374b
Beyer, Moritz.

Das Auswanderungsbuch; oder, Fuhrer and Rathgeber bei der Auswanderung nach Nordamerika...und Texas.

Leipzig, Baumgartner. 1846

[2 ed.].

Fiche: 17371-17373a
Bilder aus dem gesellschaftlichen leben der Nord-Amerikaner.

Reutlingen, M. MacKen. 1835

Von einer Deutschen.

Fiche: 16580-16582b
Bingley, William.

Travels in North America, From Modern Writers.

London, printed for Harvey and Darton. 1821

Fiche: 8747-8751
Birkbeck, Morris.

Notes on a journey in America, from the coast of Virginia to the territory of Illinois.

Dublin, reprinted for Thomas Larkin. 1818

Fiche: 83953-83957
[Biron, Armand Louis de Gontaut duc de Lauzun].

Memoires de m. le duc de Lauzun.

Paris, Chez Barrois l'aine. 1822

Fiche: 15482-15486a
[Bishop, Isabella Lucy (Bird)].

The Englishwoman in America.

London, J. Murray. 1856

Fiche: 17661-17665b
Blanchard, Claude.

The journal of Claude Blanchard, commissary of the French Auxiliary Army sent to the United States during the American Revolution, 1780-1783.

Albany, J. Munsell. 1876

Fiche: 15342-15344a
Blanchard, P.

San Juan de Ulua, ou Relation de l'expedition francaise au Mexique.

Paris, Gide. 1839

Suive de notes et documents, et d'un apercu general sur l'etat actuel du Texas, par m. E. Maissin.

Fiche: 16358-16365a
Blane, William Newnham.

Travels through the United States and Canada.

London, Baldwin and Co. 1828

Fiche: 1521-1533
Blowe, Daniel.

A geographical, historical, commercial, and agricultural view of the United States of America.

London, Edwards & Knibb; Liverpool, W. Grapel. 1829

Fiche: 8752-8759a
Bonnell, George William.

Topographical description of Texas.

Austin, Clark, Wing, & Brown. 1810

To which is added an account of the Indian tribes.

Fiche: 16352-16353b
Bonrepos, Chevalier de.

Description du Mississippi.

Imprime a Rouen: se vend a Paris, chez berthelemy Gyrin. 1720

Fiche: 7911-7911b
Booty, James Horatio.

Three months in Canada and the United States.

London, Printed by the author at his private residence. 1862

Fiche: 16378-16379a
Borden, William.

An address to the inhabitants of North Carolina, occasioned by the difficult circumstances the Government seems to labour under, for want of a medium, or something to answer in lieu of money.

Williamsburg, Va., printed by William Parks. 1746

Fiche: 7601-7601c
Bosshard, Heinrich.

Anachauungen und erfahrungen in Nordamerika.

Zurich, Druck von Zurcher und Furrer. 1853-1855

Eine monatsschrift. Herauagegeben von Heinrich Bosshard...[1.3 jahrgang]; 3 v.

Fiche: 17666-17677
Bossu, Jean Barnard.

Neuveau voyage aux Indes occidentales.

Paris, Le Jay. 1768

2 v.

Fiche: 8566-8571a
Bowen, Eli.

Rambles in the Path of the Steam horse.

Philadelphia, W. Bromwell and W.W. Smith; Baltimore, S.B. Hickcox, agent. 1855

Fiche: 17139-17143b
Bownas, Samuel.

An Account of the Life.

London, printed by L. Hinde. 1756

Fiche: 9761-9763a
Bracht, Viktor.

Texas im jahre 1848.

Elberfeld u. Iserlohn J. Badeker. 1849

Nach mehrjahrigen Beobachtungen dargestellt von Viktor Bracht...Mit verschiedenartigen zugaben, auszugen aus briefen.

Fiche: 16354-16357b
Brackenridge, Henry Marie.

Views of Louisiana, together with a Journal of a voyage up the Missouri River, in 1811.

Pittsburgh, printed and published by Carmer, Spear and Eichbaum, Franklin Head Office. 1814

Fiche: 9355-9358a
Bradbury, John.

Travels in the interior of America, in the years 1809, 1810, and 1811, including a description of upper Louisiana, together with the states of Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and Tennessee, with the Illinois and western territories.

Liverpool, printed for the author, by Smith and Galway, and pub. By Sherwood, Neely, and Jones, London. 1817

Fiche: 9359-9363a
Bray, Thomas.

Apostolick charity, its nature and excellence consider'd.

London, printed by W. Downing for W. Hawes. 1698

In a the ordination of some Protestant missionaries to be sent into the plantations. To which is prefixt, a general view of the English colonies in America with respect to religion.

Fiche: 9765-9765a
Bray, Thomas.

A memorial representing the present state of religion on the continent of North America.

London, printed by William Downing, 1700, reprinted for the Thomas Bray Club. 1916

Fiche: 9764-9764a
Bremer, Fredrika.

The Homes of the New World, impressions of America.

New York, Harper & Brothers. 1853

2 v.

Fiche: 17115-17129a
Brickell, John.

The Natural History of North Carolina.

Dublin. 1737

With an account of the trade, manners, and customs of the Christian and Indian inhabitants.

Fiche: 9766-9770b
Brion de la Tour, Louis.

Almanach interessant dans les circonstances presentes.

Paris, Desnos. 1780

Description abregee des Etats Unis de l'Amerique; des posessions angloises; et des pays qui y sont contigus, dans des Indes Orientales.

Fiche: 7979-7979b
Brissot de Warville, Jacques Pierre.

Nouveau voyage dans les Etats-Unis de l'Amerique septentrionale, fait en 1788.

Paris, Buisson. 1791

3 v.

Fiche: 9304-9320
Brockway, Thomas.

The European Traveller in America.

Hartford, printed by Hudson & Goodwin. 1785

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