Transportation: Canada’s Circulatory System

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Moving Cargo by Road – trucks have several advantages over trail transport:

Moving Cargo by Air – Shipping goods by air is much more expensive than other forms of cargo transport. However, it does have some advantages that some companies are willing to pay a lot of money for. The major advantage of air transport is that the freight can be moved very quickly. Most of the items transported in this way are lightweight, of high value, sometimes perishable (flowers), and needed quickly.
Moving Cargo by Ship – Ships are best suited for the movement of very bulky, low value cargoes (examples, gain, iron ore, etc.). Some companies will build their factories on rivers so that they can take advantage of this cheap form of transportation.
Moving Cargo by Pipelines – pipelines are long pipes that transport liquid products to markets. These are used frequently for shipping oil and natural gas. This type of transport is only used if shipping by water is not available.

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