Transport and trade facilitation issues in

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This Paper explores impediments to international trade and transport relying on the Trade and

Transport Facilitation work of the World Bank in the Europe and Central Asia region and in

particular the lessons learnt in South East Europe including Moldova, the results of an intensive

policy dialogue that has been taking place for the past 2½ years in the South Caucasus countries,

as well as the information gained from the trade and transport facilitation audit in Central Asia.

We would like to thank Michel Zarnowiecki, Michel Audige, Gerald Ollivier, Anca Dumitrescu,

Jean-Charles Crochet, Antti Talvitie, (ECSIE), Robin Carruthers (TUDTR), Graham Smith

(EASTR, China), Guljahan Kurbanova (Turkmenistan) and Aslan Sarinzhipov (Central Asia

Anchor), Peter Nicholas (South Caucasus Anchor); Jakob von Weizsacker (ECSPE), Sebnem

Akkaya (country economist for Kyrgyzstan, ECSPE), Motoo Konishi (ECSIE) for their valuable

comments and contributions. We are also grateful to Prianka Seneviratne (ADB) Peter Krausz

and Oleg Kamberski (IRU), Sophie Fouvez (ECMT) and Ian Jenkins (TRACECA consultant) for

their inputs and comments. The va luable guidance and comments from the Peer Reviewers Marc

Juhel, transport and logistics advisor (TUDTR) and Guang Zhe Chen transport sector manager

(South Asia), as well as Samuel Otoo sector manager (ECSPE) are highly appreciated.


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