Transform these sentences into reported speech Mary said

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  1. Transform these sentences into reported speech

Mary said:

1-´I´ve never had so much fun in my life´

2-´I had a brilliant time´

3-´I´m not looking forward to going back to school´

4-´I´m exhausted´

5-´I didn´t like the food´

6-´I´ll see you tomorrow´

7-´I saw her today´

8-´We went swimming today´

9-´I met her about three months ago´

10-´My parents are arriving tomorrow´

11-´Pete and Sue are getting married next Saturday´

12-´We visited her this morning´

13-´I can see you next Monday´

14-´I must go home to make dinner´

15-´I´ll tell them the news on Saturday´

16-´You must pay me back before tomorrow´

17-´You should talk to her´

18-´I´ll see you tonight´

19- ´It is cold at the North Pole´

20- ´water boils at 100ºC´

21-´Dolphins are mammals´

22-´I´ve already met her parents´

23-´I met him in Hawai last summer´

24-´I won´t be able to see you until the day after tomorrow´

  1. Peter asked:

1-´How long have you worked here?´

2-´Where is the tourist office?´

3-´What time do we leave tomorrow?´

4-´What are we going to do today?´

5-´When is breakfast served in the hotel?´

6-´when does the train leave’´

7-´How did you get to school?´

8-´Where do you live?´

9-´Why didn´t you telephone?´

10-´How are you?´

11-´who do you want to talk to?´

12-´Why didn´t you come to school yesterday?´

  1. John wanted to know:

1-´Do you live near your family?´

2-´Are you hungry?´

3-´Did you invite Judy?´

4-´Did you borrow my dictionary?´

5-´Have you met Danny before?´

6-´Have you finished your exams?´

7-´Does your brother live in London?´

8-´Are you going to the party tonight?´

9-´Can you swim?´

10-´Can I see you next Tuesday?´

11-´Did you see Peter two days ago?´

  1. Peter said to me:

1-´Pass me the sugar, please´

2-´Don´t move and give me all the money´

3-´Write to me as often as you can´

4-´Do not smoke in the classroom´

5-´Do not come in, please´

6-´Could you lend me $ 45?´


She said to me:

1-´ I´ve finished all my work´

2-´Why are you looking at me like that?´

3-´Don´t play with matches´

4-´I´ve forgotten to bring my lunch with me.´

5-´Will you be home soon?´

6-´Go to bed´

7-´I´ll clean the car tomorrow´

8-´Do you know Garfield?´

9-´I´ve been working for this company since two years ago´

10-´Where have you been?´

11-´Don´t be late´

12-´John is bringing some Cds for the party tonight.´

13-´I haven´t got any money´

14-´I can´t stand heavy metal music´

15-´She´ll come again next year.´

16-´Who did you see yesterday?´

17-´ I can lend you my dictionary until tomorrow.´

18-´Do you know the meaning of this word?´

19- ´Come here now!´

20-´He had worked in Australia before he retired two years ago

21-Why isn´t Peter here?

22- Don´t be rude and apologise !

23-We went to the beach with my parents yesterday

24-Keep silence, pay attention and don´t disturb.

25-Did you hear about my accident last week?

26- How often do you come to this disco?

27-My brother John went to London on a school journey last year

28- We´re visiting Peter next Saturday because he´s had an accident.


Ex. 1

Mary said that

1.she had never had so much fun in her life

2. She had had a brilliant time

3. she was not looking forward to ....

4. she was exhausted

5. she hadn´t liked the food

6. she would see me the following day

7. she had seen her that day

8. they had gone swimming that day

9. she had met her about three months before

10. her parents were arriving the following day

11- Peter and Sue were getting married the following Saturday

12. they had visited her that morning

13. she could see me the following Monday

14. she had to go home to make dinner

15- she would tell them .....

16- I had to pay her back before the following day

17- I should talk to her

18- she would see me taht night

19- it is cold....

20- water boils ....

21- dolphins are mammals

22-she had already met her parents

23-She had met him in Hawaii the previous summer

24- she wouldn´t be able to see me until the two following days

EX. 2

Peter asked me

  1. How long I had worked there

  2. Where the tourist office was

  3. What time I left the following day

  4. What we were going to do the following day

  5. When breakfast was served ....

  6. When the train left

  7. How I had got to school

  8. Where I lived

  9. Why I hadn´t telephoned him

  10. How I was

  11. Who I wanted to talk to

  12. Why I hadn´t gone to school the day before.

EX. 3

John wanted to know

  1. If I lived near my family

  2. If I was hungry

  3. If I had invited Judy

  4. If I had borrowed his dictionary

  5. If I had met Danny before

  6. If I had finished my exams

  7. If my brother lived in London

  8. If I was going to the party that night

  9. If I could swim/ if I can swim.

  10. If I could see him the following Tuesday

  11. If I had seen Peter two days before

Ex. 4

Peter told me

  1. To pass him the sugar

  2. Not to move and give him all the money

  3. To write to him as often as I could

  4. Not to smoke in the classroom

  5. Not to come in

  6. To lend him $ 45

EX. 5

  1. She said to me that she had finished all her work

  2. She asked me why I was looking at her like that

  3. She told me not to play with matches

  4. She said she had forgotten to bring her lunch with her

  5. She asked me if I would be home soon

  6. She told me to go to bed

  7. She promised she would clean the car the following day

  8. She asked me if I knew Garfield

  9. She said she had been working for that company since two years before

  10. She asked me where I had been

  11. She asked me not to be late

  12. She told me that John was bringing some CDS for the party that night

  13. She said she hadn´t go any money

  14. She said she couldn´t stand heavy metal

  15. She said she would come again the following year

  16. She asked me who I had seen the day before.

  17. She said she could lend me her dictionary until the following day

  18. She asked me if I knew the meaning of the word

  19. She ordered me to go there then

  20. She said he had worked in Australia before he retired two years before

  21. She asked me why Peter wasn´t there

  22. She told me not to be rude and apologise

  23. She said they had gone to the beach with her parents the day before

  24. She told me to keep silence, pay attention and not to disturb

  25. she asked me if I had heard about her accident the previous week

  26. She wanted to know how often I went to the disco

  27. She told me that her brother had gone to London on a school journey the previous year

  28. She said they were visiting Peter the following Saturday because he had had an accident.

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