Trail of Tears WebQuest- write your answers in complete sentences on loose leaf paper. This is due Monday 5 Click here

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Trail of Tears WebQuest- Write your answers in complete sentences on loose leaf paper. This is due Monday 5/4.

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  1. Who was elected President in 1824?

  2. What position did he have prior to running for the Presidency?

  3. How was he elected? Why?

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4. Who was elected President in 1828?

  1. Who did he feel he represented?

  2. In his first annual message, what did he recommend eliminating? Why?

  3. What two political parties emerged during the campaign?

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  1. Looking at the charts, what can be said about voter turnout between the 1824 and 1828 elections?

  2. Looking at Massachusetts’ example, what changed in many states 1821 – 1827?

  3. What were the new voting requirements?

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  1. In the view of the settlers, what were the Indian nations doing?

  2. Nine of eleven treaties called for the movement of Native American tribes to the ____?

  3. The 1823 ruling of the Supreme Court said what for the relationship between Native Americans and land?

  4. Early attempts at Native American resistance for the most part were _____?

  5. What did the Indian Removal Act permit the President to do?

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  1. Who is Worcester representing or suing on behalf of?

  2. What was the ruling in the case?

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  1. How many died?

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  1. What tribe is being moved? How many groups were they originally broken into?

  2. What three things led to an unpleasant experience?

  3. By November how many groups had made the journey? How far had they traveled?

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  1. What was Andrew Jackson’s response to Worcester v. Georgia?

  2. What five tribes of Southeastern Native Americans’ lands were heavily wanted by speculators for their agricultural areas?

  3. What made the Northeastern tribes different from the Southeastern tribes?

Extension Activity:

Write a letter to Congress asking them to do something for the ancestors of the Five Civilized Tribes as a reparation (payment) for the Indian Removal Act.

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