Trail bingo pre/post Activity: Overland Trails Bingo Teacher Review

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Trail BINGO Pre/post Activity:

Overland Trails Bingo Teacher Review: Activity questions utilize NHTIC exhibits to find answers to the BINGO questions. Teachers may use the activity to determine level of knowledge before a visit and to assess knowledge gained after a visit.

Questions were written for 3rd and 4th Grade classes, but may be used for older children.

Standards Addressed: LA3.2B4, SS4.4.1, SS4.4.3, SS4.5.3, SS4.4.5

T (People)

  • Name the first documented child to die on the Oregon Trail. Joel Hembree

  • Which wagon train had the first white women travelers? Whitman-Spaulding Party

  • Who discovered South Pass and then advertised it to others? Jedediah Smith

  • What is another name for the travelers on the trails? Emigrant

  • Who led the wagon trains? Captains

R (Places)

  • Which famous rock formation in Wyoming is made of granite and shaped like half of an onion? Independence Rock

  • Name the famous place in Nebraska that looked like the chimney on a house. Chimney Rock

  • What river did the travelers follow through Nebraska and into Wyoming? Platte River

  • Name one of the jumping off places for the Oregon Trail. Independence, St. Joseph

  • Which city now lies at the end of the Mormon Trail? Salt Lake City

A (Rational)

  • What was available in the Oregon territory that motivated people to move there? Free land

  • What was discovered at Sutter’s Mill, causing a stampede of young men to California? Gold

  • Why did the Mormon’s wish to move to a new territory? Religious freedom

  • How many acres of land did a family receive in the Oregon territory with the 1950 Donation Land Law? 640 acres

  • What motivated Russell, Majors, and Waddle to create the Pony Express? (What were they hoping to win?) Government mail contract

I (Supplies)

  • For how many months did the emigrants need to pack? six

  • Which beasts were used to pull wagons because they were less likely to be stolen and more delicious to eat? oxen

  • Name 3 supplies needed specifically for the upkeep of the wagon. Grease, axles, rope

  • Name 5 foods packed for the journey. Bacon, four, beans, rice, dried fruit

  • On the plains, what did the families use to burn for cooking and heat? Buffalo chips

L (General)

  • How many states (today) did the Oregon Trail pass through? Six states

  • How many miles per day on average did most emigrants travel? 12-17 miles

  • Name three dangers faced on the trail. Disease, accidents, animals, weather

  • Before 1959, what were the two methods of travel to the west coast? Boat and wagon trails

  • Which months were the best months for traveling? April-Sept

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