Towards a Pan-European Economic Space Ivan Samson1

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Towards a Pan-European Economic Space
Ivan Samson1
PEPSE- Espace Europe Institute

Universite Pierre Mendes-France, Grenoble

This policy paper presents a new concept, the Pan-European Economic Space (PEES), as a contribution to thinking about East-West relations on the European continent and about foreign economic and political activities of the European Union (EU). The paper can thus be understood as an attempt to broaden the field of research on the Common European Economic Space (CEES), which is currently being discussed by the EU and the Russian Federation.2 It is the expression of one interesting feature of CEES concept, namely its potential for variable geometry. This CEES concept was first formulated on June 4, 1999 in the Common Strategy of the European Union on Russia and was reiterated a few months later in the first meeting between the new leaders of Russia and the EU, Vladimir Putin and Romano Prodi. The idea of PEES is very close to the new policy of a "Wider Europe Neighbourhood" currently being developed by the EU.

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