Toss-ups 1 It rises in the Czech Republic and flows 725 miles into the North Sea. It is connected to the Oder River by a series of canals. Ftp, name this river which flows through Magdeburg, Dresden, and Hamburg. Ans: the Elbe

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Valencia’s Delta Burke Invitational 1999

Questions by Robert Whaples of Wake Forest and Chris Borglum

1) It rises in the Czech Republic and flows 725 miles into the North Sea. It is connected to the Oder River by a series of canals. FTP, name this river which flows through Magdeburg, Dresden, and Hamburg.
Ans: the Elbe River
2) As soon as the 30-year lease on his grave at the celebrated Pére Lachaise cemetery expires on July 6, 2001, his body will be disinterred and moved. His grave has become famous for the trinkets, like beer cans and pipes, that visiting fans heap upon it, and cemetery officials have apparently had enough of these same fans writing graffiti on other people’s headstones giving directions to this American rock icon’s grave. FTP, name this former lead singer of The Doors.
Ans: Jim Morrison
3) Any quadratic equation can be written in the form ax2 + bx + c = 0. Using this formula, FTP, what will be the sum of the two roots to this equation?
Ans: -b/a
4) His first novel was published under the name Laurence Templeton. His publishers persuaded him to allow further novels to be designated as "by the author of Waverly," and these novels are now called the Waverly novels. FTP, name this native of Edinburgh, whose other works include Rob Roy, The Bride of Lammermoor, and Ivanhoe.
Ans: Walter Scott
5) In 1893 an English teacher at Wellesley College traveled to Colorado College to give a summer lecture. She wrote a poem which was printed in The Congregationalist and later set to music by Samuel A. Ward. Her name was Katharine Lee Bates. What song, FTP, with references to our “purple waves of grain,” did she write?
Ans: America, the Beautiful
6) When he was buried in 1929, his body was facing east to Germany and standing up to face God. Trained as a doctor, this notable French politician opened the columns of his paper L'Aurore to Zola's famous J'accuse letter. He served as prime mister from 1906 to 1909, and began his second term in 1917, leading France at the Treaty of Versailles. FTP, name this man nicknamed named "The Tiger.”
Ans: Georges Clemenceau

7) This phylum includes the class crinoidea, the class ophiuroidea which includes brittle-stars, the class holothuridoidea which includes sea cucumbers, the class echinoidea which includes sea urchins, and the class asteroidea which includes star fish. FTP, name this phylum of marine animal which are radially symmetrical, with radiating antimeres and the mouth at the center.
Ans: Echinodermata
8) Time for a game of periodic table math. Take the factorial of the atomic number of oxygen and divide it by the factorial of the atomic number of carbon. FTP, what number do you end up with?
Ans: 8!/6! = 56
9) His great-grandson recently discovered a manuscript which he had written in 1863. The novel, Paris in the 20th Century, is set in the 1960s and features streets clogged with cars, subways, electric lights, computers, and faxes. When he died in 1905, he had written close to 100 books, first gaining fame in 1853 with the publication of the novella Five Weeks in a Balloon. FTP, name this author of such works as 20,000 Leagues under the Sea and Around the World in 80 Days.
Ans: Jules Verne
10) The oldest son develops an intense hatred for his father and is convicted of murdering him. The third son is deeply religious and functions as the central figure of the novel. The second son is an extreme intellectual, and his theories are used by the fourth son, a bastard, who actually killed the father, Fyodor. The four sons' names are Dmitri, Alyosha, Ivan, and Smerdyakov. FTP, name this novel by Feodor Dostoevsky.
Ans: The Brothers Karamazov
11) Early in his career he won a case that led to the desegregation of New York City streetcars. Later, as president, he vetoed the Chinese Exclusion Act. FTP, name this Stalwart politician named to the 1880 Republican ticket, whose term saw the passage of the Pendleton Act, and who

succeeded to the presidency after the assassination of James Garfield.

Ans: Chester Arthur
12) In 1912 Henrietta Swann discovered a useful method for measuring astronomical distances. She noted that one type of star has a remarkable relationship between its average luminosity and the period over which its brightness varies. Using this relationship, the absolute magnitude of the star can be deduced, and thus its distance from earth. FTP, name this type of star whose brightness generally varies over a period of 5 to 30 days, and whose name comes from the mythological father of Andromeda.
Ans: Cepheid variables

13) The name they give their country, Shqiperia (shkih-peer-ee-uh), means land of the eagle, and the double-headed eagle on their flag was adopted from the Byzantine emblem by Iskander Bey Skanderbeg, a patriot who drove the Turks from this land around 1443. Name this former communist country, which borders the Adriatric and Kosovo, and has a capital at Tirana.
Ans: Albania
14) The entire work appeared in the fall 1951 issue of Life magazine, which sold over five million copies. It was based on an earlier short story published in Esquire in 1936 titled "On the Blue Water." FTP name this work whose characters include Los Galanos, the scavenger sharks, a young boy named Manolin, and a Cuban fisherman named Santiago, written by Ernest Hemingway.
Ans: The Old Man and the Sea
15) After exile in New York and a career as a writer and journalist, he formed the Cuban Revolutionary Party in 1802. Three months after the uprising began in February 1895, he was killed in a skirmish with Spanish forces. FTP, name this man after whom the U.S. radio broadcasts to Cuba are named.
Ans: Jose Marti
16) It confirmed the status quo ante bellum and set up three joint commissions to establish the U.S.-Canada border from the mouth of the St. Croix River to the Lake of the Woods. It did not address several of the major causes of the war, such as the British search of neutral

ships and the impressment of British-born American sailors. FTP, name this treaty, signed in Belgium, which ended the War of 1812.

Ans: The Treaty of Ghent
17) In 1827, a Scottish botantist observed plant pollen suspended in water under a microscope and noticed the irregular movement of some of the individual pollen grains. He theorized that the grains might move from a life force, but nearly eighty years later, Einstein showed mathematically that molecules in constant motion could alter the motion of minute particles. He thus solved the mystery, FTP, of what type of motion, named for the Scottish botantist?
Ans: Brownian motion (accept Brown on an early buzz)
18) In 1996, a team of leading economists, headed by Stanford's Michael Boskin reached the conclusion that this index used by the federal government is flawed. Due primarily to substitution bias and quality change bias, this official measure of inflation overstate prices rises

by about 1.1 percentage points per year. FTP, identify this index which is calculated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and used to adjust Social Security payments and tax brackets.

Ans: The Consumer Price Index

19) It was an attempt to measure the velocity of the Earth through the ether, by measuring the effect which such a velocity would have upon the velocity of light. No such motion of the Earth relative to the ether was detected, and the concept of ether was dead among physicists. FTP,

name this alliteratively titled experiment named for the two physicists who conducted in Cleveland in 1887.

Ans: the Michelson-Morley experiment

20) Mary Ann Nichols, Annie Chapman, Catherine Eddowes, Elizabeth Stride and Mary Kelly were among the victims. Among the proposed suspects have been Montague Druitte, George Chapman, the queen's physician Sir William Gull, and painter Walter Sickert. FTP by what name do we know this killer who sent taunting letters to Scotland Yard “from Hell” and claimed to have eaten the kidney of one of the Whitechapel prostitutes he killed?

Ans: Jack the Ripper
21) He discovers that Aristotle is rather surly and that Alexander the Great was not poisoned, while Caesar tells him that his glory doesn't equal the glory Brutus gained by murdering him. He learns all this when the governor of the sorcerers on Glubbdubdrib allows him to call up the

illustrious dead for questioning. FTP, identify this well-traveled ship's doctor, who visits Glubbdubdrib shortly after leaving Balnibarbi and the flying island of Laputa, created by Jonathan Swift.

Ans: Lemuel Gulliver

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