Topic Two First Civilisations: Mesopotamia and Egypt

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Topic Two - First Civilisations: Mesopotamia and Egypt

Unit 1

1. How and where did cities appear? (Textbook p. 146)

Mesopotamia (Tigris and Euphrates Rivers), __________________ (_______________ River) , __________________ ( _______________ River) , ___________________ (Yellow and Blue Rivers).

2. Why did people start writing? (Textbook p. 146)

Rosetta Stone, Hammurabi Code, scribes, cuneiform, and hieroglyphics.

Unit 2

How was society organised in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia? (Textbook p. 150 and 162)

See the society pyramids that you will do in class.

Homework: Compare the society of Mesopotamia and Egypt with our present day social organisation.

Unit 3

Why did ancient civilizations develop into Empires (Textbook p. 148)

Make two timelines for Mesopotamia and Egypt, marking the different periods.

Homework: How powerful were the Pharaohs and the Kings? Is it similar to our leaders today?

Unit 4

What do archaeological remains tell us about Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia?

For Ancient Egypt, you will see this at the exhibition.

First big lecture on art with Annie!!!!!! Yay!

Is Egyptian and Mesopotamian art similar?

Unit 5


Gods and goddesses in Egypt

Gods and goddesses in Mesopotamia

Religion in Egypt

Religion in Mesopotamia

Food in Egypt

Food in Mesopotamia

Life after death in Egypt

Life after death in Mesopotamia

Clothing in Egypt

Clothing in Mesopotamia

Children and women in Egypt

Children and women in Mesopotamia

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