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TEXT: Philippians 1:21;

Your life although, is God’s gift to you, it has far more potential than you
have ever realized. It is yours to invest or to spend. You can do more
significant things with your life than you have ever realized, and this
message I believe has been impressed on my heart to help you make a wise
investment of it. No matter what your age, you cultural background, or how
long you’ve been a born – again Christian, it is never too late to start
planning and investing for eternity. The earlier you realize that you are
alive today to tell the story of your Savior, Redeemer and LORD, the best it
is for you.


We will aim at discovering what led the Apostle Paul to the place where he
made a conscious choice to tell the story of Jesus. Who is this Jesus and
why we should tell only His story in our life time.


Philippians is the most personal of all the epistles of Paul that were not
written to individuals. There are no less than one hundred uses of the
first person pronoun. Paul was not talking about himself in any boastful
spirit, nor was he engaged in defense of his personal ministry, as in 2
Corinthians. The Church at Philippi has it all and more free from
complicated and knotty problems. These 104 verses offer authentic reasons
to be thankful, joyful and contented.


Amazing! Paul was under house arrest. He was literally chained to a Roman
guard every walking moment. His situation was anything but a relaxing
vacation along some seaside or on a safari in Africa. Paul was in
confinement. He didn’t know if he would live to see another day. But he
considered his plight a splendid opportunity to spread the message of Jesus
Christ in a state of deep uncertainty about the future he sat down to write
a letter that went far beyond his circumstances to express a bold confidence
and a living hope (See Phil. 1: 19 – 20).

Pause for a moment and put yourself in Paul’s situation. Let me ask you

considering your present situation or the negative circumstances that seem
to confine you in chains, how are you handling it/them?

In effect, Paul was saying, “My great purpose for life is to present Jesus

Christ, whether it is proclaiming Him through my voice while I’m living of
through me example of facing death courageously. Whether by life or by
death, it’s Christ that’s presented, it’s Christ who is magnified and who
gets the glory. It’s Him whose story must be told. For me, living is
Christ, and dying, if I must, is gain.” What a way to live. The man’s
attitude was downright infectious! To him external circumstances were
incidental compared to the internal and abiding presence of Jesus Christ.

Again, let me ask you do you see every external circumstance as

opportunities to tell the story of your Redeemer and Lord or as a hindrance
of telling His Story?

1. What led the Apostle Paul to the place where he made a conscious choice

to tell the story of Jesus?

(a). His former lifestyle - Phil. 3: 4-6; Acts 9: 1-2;

(b). His Conversion – Acts 9: 3-19;
(c). His Conviction & Commitment – Acts 9: 20-22; Phil. 3:7-14;

2. Who is this Jesus?

a. His Incarnation – Isa. 9:6; Lk. 2: 1-20;
We must not limit this magnificent account to Christmas Eve. It’s too
important, too encouraging, to be put on the shelf as a ‘yearly tradition.”
Read this passage out loud; reflect on what it meant for God to become a
baby, to take upon Himself our flesh and to make His dwelling among us.

The big word in this age is pluralism – the recognition of the integrity of

each faith and the view that all religions are equal. All religions are not
equal. There are fine things in all religions and Christianity is not one
religion amongst others; it is in a category all by itself. Our claim for
the Christian faith is that it is unique and unparalleled. No other world
faith can claim that its founder was God incarnate. We claim that for
Christ alone because the Scriptures authenticated such claim. In theology
we refer to this as His deity – His being of the same essence of God, and
came to us in human flesh so as to redeem us from the tyranny of sin.

There should be no debate about this in any church that carries the name

“Christian” for Paul said, “He is before all things, and in Him all things
hold together or in Him all thing consist” Col. 1:17.

Friends, the issue of Christ’s incarnation or deity is not up for discussion

or debate. We simply cannot allow Jesus Christ to be put into a temple
dedicated to all the gods, for no gods or prophets can be compared to Him.
Jesus alone is the light of the world and superior to everyone. His
supremacy over every authority in heaven, on earth and under the earth is
clearly mentioned in Col. 1: 15 – 29. This conviction brought the Apostle
Paul to the place where he made the conscious choice to tell the story of

b. His Crucifixion –

c. His Name -

3. Why we should tell only His story in our life time.

a. We are Commissioned to do so – Matt. 28: 18 – 20; 9: 35-38; John 4:35;
b. We are Compelled to do so - 2 Cor. 5: 11-20; Gal. 2:20;


Do you know that your life is like a seed that must be died so that others
could eat of your fruit? You are God’s gift to the world. Telling His story
is a worthy investment of your life.

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